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// Copyright (c) 2009 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "app/win/window_impl.h"
#include "third_party/npapi/bindings/npapi.h"
#include "webkit/default_plugin/install_dialog.h"
#include "webkit/default_plugin/plugin_database_handler.h"
#include "webkit/default_plugin/plugin_install_job_monitor.h"
// Possible plugin installer states.
enum PluginInstallerState {
class PluginInstallDialog;
class PluginDatabaseHandler;
// Provides the plugin installation functionality. This class is
// instantiated with the information like the mime type of the
// target plugin, the display mode, etc.
class PluginInstallerImpl : public app::WindowImpl {
static const int kRefreshPluginsMessage = WM_APP + 1;
static const int kInstallMissingPluginMessage = WM_APP + 2;
// mode is the plugin instantiation mode, i.e. whether it is a full
// page plugin (NP_FULL) or an embedded plugin (NP_EMBED)
explicit PluginInstallerImpl(int16 mode);
virtual ~PluginInstallerImpl();
MESSAGE_HANDLER(kRefreshPluginsMessage, OnRefreshPlugins)
// Initializes the plugin with the instance information, mime type
// and the list of parameters passed down to the plugin from the webpage.
// Parameters:
// module_handle
// The handle to the dll in which this object is instantiated.
// instance
// The plugins opaque instance handle.
// mime_type
// Identifies the third party plugin which would be eventually installed.
// argc
// Indicates the count of arguments passed in from the webpage.
// argv
// Pointer to the arguments.
// Returns true on success.
bool Initialize(HINSTANCE module_handle, NPP instance, NPMIMEType mime_type,
int16 argc, char* argn[], char* argv[]);
// Displays the default plugin UI.
// Parameters:
// parent_window
// Handle to the parent window.
bool SetWindow(HWND parent_window);
// Destroys the install dialog and the plugin window.
void Shutdown();
// Starts plugin download. Spawns the plugin installer after it is
// downloaded.
void DownloadPlugin();
// Indicates that the plugin download was cancelled.
void DownloadCancelled();
// Initializes the plugin download stream.
// Parameters:
// stream
// Pointer to the new stream being created.
void NewStream(NPStream* stream);
// Uninitializes the plugin download stream.
// Parameters:
// stream
// Pointer to the stream being destroyed.
// reason
// Indicates why the stream is being destroyed.
void DestroyStream(NPStream* stream, NPError reason);
// Determines whether the plugin is ready to accept data.
// We only accept data when we have initiated a download for the plugin
// database.
// Parameters:
// stream
// Pointer to the stream being destroyed.
// Returns true if the plugin is ready to accept data.
bool WriteReady(NPStream* stream);
// Delivers data to the plugin instance.
// Parameters:
// stream
// Pointer to the stream being destroyed.
// offset
// Indicates the data offset.
// buffer_length
// Indicates the length of the data buffer.
// buffer
// Pointer to the actual buffer.
// Returns the number of bytes actually written, 0 on error.
int32 Write(NPStream* stream, int32 offset, int32 buffer_length,
void* buffer);
// Handles notifications received in response to GetURLNotify calls issued
// by the plugin.
// Parameters:
// url
// Pointer to the URL.
// reason
// Describes why the notification was sent.
void URLNotify(const char* url, NPReason reason);
// Used by the renderer to indicate plugin install through the infobar.
int16 NPP_HandleEvent(void* event);
const std::string& mime_type() const { return mime_type_; }
// Replaces a resource string with the placeholder passed in as an argument
// Parameters:
// message_id_with_placeholders
// The resource id of the string with placeholders. This is only used if
// the placeholder string (the replacement_string) parameter is valid.
// message_id_without_placeholders
// The resource id of the string to be returned if the placeholder is
// empty.
// replacement_string
// The placeholder which replaces tokens in the string identified by
// resource id message_id_with_placeholders.
// Returns a string which has the placeholders replaced, or the string
// without placeholders.
static std::wstring ReplaceStringForPossibleEmptyReplacement(
int message_id_with_placeholders, int message_id_without_placeholders,
const std::wstring& replacement_string);
// Setter/getter combination to set and retreieve the current
// state of the plugin installer.
void set_plugin_installer_state(PluginInstallerState new_state) {
plugin_installer_state_ = new_state;
PluginInstallerState plugin_installer_state() const {
return plugin_installer_state_;
// Getter for the NPP instance member.
const NPP instance() const {
return instance_;
// Returns whether or not the UI layout is right-to-left (such as Hebrew or
// Arabic).
static bool IsRTLLayout();
// Window message handlers.
LRESULT OnPaint(UINT message, WPARAM wparam, LPARAM lparam, BOOL& handled);
LRESULT OnEraseBackGround(UINT message, WPARAM wparam, LPARAM lparam,
BOOL& handled);
LRESULT OnLButtonDown(UINT message, WPARAM wparam, LPARAM lparam,
BOOL& handled);
LRESULT OnSetCursor(UINT message, WPARAM wparam, LPARAM lparam,
BOOL& handled);
// Refreshes the loaded plugin list and reloads the current page.
LRESULT OnRefreshPlugins(UINT message, WPARAM wparam, LPARAM lparam,
BOOL& handled);
// Launches the third party plugin installer. This message is
// received when the request to download the installer, initiated by
// plugin completes.
LRESULT OnCopyData(UINT message, WPARAM wparam, LPARAM lparam, BOOL& handled);
// Displays the plugin install confirmation dialog.
void ShowInstallDialog();
// Clears the current display state.
void ClearDisplay();
// Displays the status message identified by the message resource id
// passed in.
// Parameters:
// message_resource_id parameter
// The resource id of the message to be displayed.
void DisplayStatus(int message_resource_id);
// Displays status information for the third party plugin which is needed
// by the page.
void DisplayAvailablePluginStatus();
// Displays information related to third party plugin download failure.
void DisplayPluginDownloadFailedStatus();
// Enables the plugin window if required and initiates an update of the
// the plugin window.
void RefreshDisplay();
// Create tooltip window.
bool CreateToolTip();
// Update ToolTip text with the message shown inside the default plugin.
void UpdateToolTip();
// Initializes resources like the icon, fonts, etc needed by the plugin
// installer
// Parameters:
// module_handle
// Handle to the dll in which this object is instantiated.
// Returns true on success.
bool InitializeResources(HINSTANCE module_handle);
// Paints user action messages to the plugin window. These include messages
// like whether the user should click on the plugin window to download the
// plugin, etc.
// Parameters:
// paint_dc
// The device context returned in BeginPaint.
// x_origin
// Horizontal reference point indicating where the text is to be displayed.
// y_origin
// Vertical reference point indicating where the text is to be displayed.
void PaintUserActionInformation(HDC paint_dc, int x_origin, int y_origin);
// Notify the renderer that plugin is available to download.
void NotifyPluginStatus(int status);
// The plugins opaque instance handle
NPP instance_;
// The plugin instantiation mode (NP_FULL or NP_EMBED)
int16 mode_;
// The handle to the icon displayed in the plugin installation window.
HICON icon_;
// The Get plugin link message string displayed at the top left corner of
// the plugin window.
std::wstring get_plugin_link_message_;
// The command string displayed in the plugin installation window.
std::wstring command_;
// An additional message displayed at times by the plugin.
std::wstring optional_additional_message_;
// The current stream.
NPStream* plugin_install_stream_;
// The plugin finder URL.
std::string plugin_finder_url_;
// The desired mime type.
std::string mime_type_;
// The desired language.
std::string desired_language_;
// The plugin name.
std::wstring plugin_name_;
// The actual download URL.
std::string plugin_download_url_;
// Indicates if the plugin download URL points to an exe.
bool plugin_download_url_for_display_;
// The current state of the plugin installer.
PluginInstallerState plugin_installer_state_;
// Used to display the UI for plugin installation.
PluginInstallDialog* install_dialog_;
// To enable auto refresh of the plugin window once the installation
// is complete, we spawn the installation process in a job, and monitor
// IO completion events on the job. When the active process count of the
// job falls to zero, we initiate an auto refresh of the plugin list
// which enables the downloaded plugin to be instantiated.
// The completion events from the job are monitored in an independent
// thread.
// This object handles download and parsing of the plugins database.
PluginDatabaseHandler plugin_database_handler_;
// Indicates if the left click to download/refresh should be enabled or not.
bool enable_click_;
// Handles to the fonts used to display text in the plugin window.
HFONT bold_font_;
HFONT regular_font_;
HFONT underline_font_;
// Tooltip Window.
HWND tooltip_;