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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Copyright 2018 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Creates several files used by the size trybot to monitor size regressions."""
import argparse
import collections
import json
import logging
import os
import sys
sys.path.append(os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), 'libsupersize'))
import archive
import diagnose_bloat
import diff
import describe
import html_report
import models
_NDJSON_FILENAME = 'supersize_diff.ndjson'
_DEX_DETAILS = 'Refer to Dex Method Diff for list of added/removed methods.'
'binary_size/ '
'for an explanation of Normalized APK Size')
Please look at size breakdowns, try to understand the growth, and see if it can
be mitigated.
There is guidance at:
If the growth is expected / justified, then you can bypass this bot failure by
adding "Binary-Size: $JUSTIFICATION" footer to your commit message (must go at
the bottom of the message, similar to "Bug:").
Here are some examples:
Binary-Size: Increase is due to translations and so cannot be avoided.
Binary-Size: Increase is due to new images, which are already optimally encoded.
Binary-Size: Increase is temporary due to a "new way" / "old way" refactoring.
It should go away once the "old way" is removed.
Binary-Size: Increase is temporary and will be reverted before next branch cut.
Binary-Size: Increase needed to reduce RAM of a common user flow.
Binary-Size: Increase needed to reduce runtime of a common user flow.
Binary-Size: Increase needed to implement a feature, and I've already spent a
non-trivial amount of time trying to reduce its size.
class _SizeDelta(collections.namedtuple(
'SizeDelta', ['name', 'units', 'expected', 'actual', 'details'])):
def explanation(self):
ret = '{}: {} {} (max is {} {})'.format(, self.actual, self.units, self.expected, self.units)
if self.details and not self.IsAllowable():
ret += '\n' + self.details
return ret
def IsAllowable(self):
return self.actual <= self.expected
def __cmp__(self, other):
return cmp(,
def _CreateAndWriteMethodCountDelta(symbols):
dex_symbols = symbols.WhereInSection(models.SECTION_DEX_METHOD)
dex_added = dex_symbols.WhereDiffStatusIs(models.DIFF_STATUS_ADDED)
dex_removed = dex_symbols.WhereDiffStatusIs(models.DIFF_STATUS_REMOVED)
dex_added_count, dex_removed_count = len(dex_added), len(dex_removed)
dex_net_added = dex_added_count - dex_removed_count
lines = ['Added: {}'.format(dex_added_count)]
lines.extend(sorted(s.full_name for s in dex_added))
lines.append('Removed: {}'.format(dex_removed_count))
lines.extend(sorted(s.full_name for s in dex_removed))
return lines, _SizeDelta('Dex Methods', 'methods',
def _CreateAndWriteResourceSizesDelta(apk_name, before_dir, after_dir):
sizes_diff = diagnose_bloat.ResourceSizesDiff(apk_name)
sizes_diff.ProduceDiff(before_dir, after_dir)
return sizes_diff.Summary(), _SizeDelta(
'Normalized APK Size', 'bytes', _MAX_NORMALIZED_INCREASE,
sizes_diff.summary_stat.value, _NORMALIZED_APK_SIZE_DETAILS)
def _CreateAndWriteSupersizeDiff(apk_name, before_dir, after_dir):
before_size_path = os.path.join(before_dir, apk_name + '.size')
after_size_path = os.path.join(after_dir, apk_name + '.size')
before = archive.LoadAndPostProcessSizeInfo(before_size_path)
after = archive.LoadAndPostProcessSizeInfo(after_size_path)
size_info_delta = diff.Diff(before, after, sort=True)
lines = list(describe.GenerateLines(size_info_delta))
return lines, size_info_delta
def _CreateUncompressedPakSizeDeltas(symbols):
pak_symbols = symbols.Filter(lambda s:
s.size > 0 and
bool(s.flags & models.FLAG_UNCOMPRESSED) and
s.section_name == models.SECTION_PAK_NONTRANSLATED)
return [
_SizeDelta('Uncompressed Pak Entry "{}"'.format(pak.full_name), 'bytes',
_MAX_PAK_INCREASE, pak.after_symbol.size, None)
for pak in pak_symbols
def main():
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser()
parser.add_argument('--author', required=True, help='CL author')
'--apk-name', required=True, help='Name of the apk (ex. Name.apk)')
help='Directory containing the APK from reference build.')
help='Directory containing APK for the new build.')
help='Output path for the trybot result .json file.')
help='Directory to write summary files to.')
parser.add_argument('-v', '--verbose', action='store_true')
args = parser.parse_args()
if args.verbose:
logging.basicConfig(level=logging.INFO)'Creating Supersize diff')
supersize_diff_lines, delta_size_info = _CreateAndWriteSupersizeDiff(
args.apk_name, args.before_dir, args.after_dir)
changed_symbols = delta_size_info.raw_symbols.WhereDiffStatusIs(
# Monitor dex method growth since this correlates closely with APK size and
# may affect our dex file structure.'Checking dex symbols')
dex_delta_lines, dex_delta = _CreateAndWriteMethodCountDelta(changed_symbols)
size_deltas = {dex_delta}
# Check for uncompressed .pak file entries being added to avoid unnecessary
# bloat.'Checking pak symbols')
# Normalized APK Size is the main metric we use to monitor binary size.'Creating sizes diff')
resource_sizes_lines, resource_sizes_delta = (
_CreateAndWriteResourceSizesDelta(args.apk_name, args.before_dir,
# .ndjson can be consumed by the html viewer.'Creating HTML Report')
ndjson_path = os.path.join(args.staging_dir, _NDJSON_FILENAME)
html_report.BuildReportFromSizeInfo(ndjson_path, delta_size_info)
passing_deltas = set(m for m in size_deltas if m.IsAllowable())
failing_deltas = size_deltas - passing_deltas
is_roller = '-autoroll' in
failing_checks_text = '\n'.join(d.explanation for d in sorted(failing_deltas))
passing_checks_text = '\n'.join(d.explanation for d in sorted(passing_deltas))
checks_text = """\
""".format(failing_checks_text, passing_checks_text)
if failing_deltas:
checks_text += _FAILURE_GUIDANCE
status_code = 1 if failing_deltas and not is_roller else 0
summary = '<br>' + '<br>'.join(resource_sizes_lines)
if 'Empty Resource Sizes Diff' in summary:
summary = '<br>No size metrics were affected.'
if failing_deltas:
summary += '<br><br>Failed Size Checks:<br>'
summary += failing_checks_text.replace('\n', '<br>')
summary += '<br>Look at "Size Assertion Results" for guidance.'
results_json = {
'status_code': status_code,
'summary': summary,
'archive_filenames': [_NDJSON_FILENAME],
'links': [
'name': '>>> Size Assertion Results <<<',
'lines': checks_text.splitlines(),
'name': '>>> Dex Method Diff <<<',
'lines': dex_delta_lines,
'name': '>>> SuperSize Text Diff <<<',
'lines': supersize_diff_lines,
'name': '>>> Supersize HTML Diff <<<',
'url': _HTML_REPORT_BASE_URL + '{{' + _NDJSON_FILENAME + '}}',
with open(args.results_path, 'w') as f:
json.dump(results_json, f)
if __name__ == '__main__':