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// Copyright (c) 2010 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <string>
#include "base/basictypes.h"
typedef struct _cairo_surface cairo_surface_t;
typedef struct _cairo cairo_t;
namespace base {
struct FileDescriptor;
class FilePath;
namespace printing {
// This class uses Cairo graphics library to generate PostScript/PDF stream
// and stores rendering results in a string buffer.
class PdfPsMetafile {
enum FileFormat {
// In the renderer process, callers should also call Init(void) to see if the
// metafile can obtain all necessary rendering resources.
// In the browser process, callers should also call Init(const void*, uint32)
// to initialize the buffer |data_| to use SaveTo().
explicit PdfPsMetafile(const FileFormat& format);
// Initializes to a fresh new metafile. Returns true on success.
// Note: Only call in the renderer to allocate rendering resources.
bool Init();
// Initializes a copy of metafile from PDF/PS stream data.
// Returns true on success.
// |src_buffer| should point to the shared memory which stores PDF/PS
// contents generated in the renderer.
// Note: Only call in the browser to initialize |data_|.
bool Init(const void* src_buffer, uint32 src_buffer_size);
// Sets raw PS/PDF data for the document. This is used when a cairo drawing
// surface has already been created. This method will cause all subsequent
// drawing on the surface to be discarded (in Close()). If Init() has not yet
// been called this method simply calls the second version of Init.
bool SetRawData(const void* src_buffer, uint32 src_buffer_size);
FileFormat GetFileFormat() const { return format_; }
// Prepares a new cairo surface/context for rendering a new page.
// The unit is in point (=1/72 in).
// Returns NULL when failed.
cairo_t* StartPage(double width_in_points,
double height_in_points,
double margin_top_in_points,
double margin_right_in_points,
double margin_bottom_in_points,
double margin_left_in_points);
// Destroys the surface and the context used in rendering current page.
// The results of current page will be appended into buffer |data_|.
// Returns true on success.
bool FinishPage();
// Closes resulting PDF/PS file. No further rendering is allowed.
void Close();
// Returns size of PDF/PS contents stored in buffer |data_|.
// This function should ONLY be called after PDF/PS file is closed.
uint32 GetDataSize() const;
// Copies PDF/PS contents stored in buffer |data_| into |dst_buffer|.
// This function should ONLY be called after PDF/PS file is closed.
// Returns true only when success.
bool GetData(void* dst_buffer, uint32 dst_buffer_size) const;
// Saves PDF/PS contents stored in buffer |data_| into the file
// associated with |fd|.
// This function should ONLY be called after PDF/PS file is closed.
bool SaveTo(const base::FileDescriptor& fd) const;
// The hardcoded margins, in points. These values are based on 72 dpi,
// with 0.25 margins on top, left, and right, and 0.56 on bottom.
static const double kTopMarginInInch;
static const double kRightMarginInInch;
static const double kBottomMarginInInch;
static const double kLeftMarginInInch;
// Returns the PdfPsMetafile object that owns the given context. Returns NULL
// if the context was not created by a PdfPdMetafile object.
static PdfPsMetafile* FromCairoContext(cairo_t* context);
// Cleans up all resources.
void CleanUpAll();
FileFormat format_;
// Cairo surface and context for entire PDF/PS file.
cairo_surface_t* surface_;
cairo_t* context_;
// Buffer stores PDF/PS contents for entire PDF/PS file.
std::string data_;
// Buffer stores raw PDF/PS contents set by SetRawPageData.
std::string raw_override_data_;
} // namespace printing