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<span id="contest-announcement"></span><h1 id="native-client-security-contest"><span id="contest-announcement"></span>Native Client Security Contest</h1>
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The Native Client Security Contest has ended&#8212;check out the
<a class="reference internal" href="/native-client/community/security-contest/index.html#contest-winners"><em>winning submissions</em></a>. We welcome your
continued involvement in the project. You can help by submitting
<a class="reference external" href="">bugs</a> and
participating in the <a class="reference external" href="">Native Client discussion group</a>.
<p>Do you think it is impossible to safely run untrusted x86 code on the
web? Do you want a chance to impress a panel of some of the <a class="reference internal" href="/native-client/community/security-contest/index.html#contest-judges"><em>top
security experts</em></a> in the world? Then submit an
exploit to the Native Client Security contest and you could also win
<a class="reference internal" href="/native-client/community/security-contest/contest-faq.html#contest-faq-prizes"><em>cash prizes</em></a>, not to mention bragging
<h2 id="what-it-is">What it is</h2>
<p><img alt="WHAT" src="/native-client/images/code-32.gif" /> This is a contest with the goal to test the security of Native Client.</p>
<p>To participate, you will need to:</p>
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<li><a class="reference external" href="">Register</a>
yourself (or your team)</li>
<li><a class="reference external" href="">Download</a>
our latest build</li>
<li><a class="reference external" href="">Join</a> the Native
Client discussion group</li>
<li><a class="reference external" href="">Report</a> the exploits you
find to our team</li>
<h2 id="when">When</h2>
<p><img alt="WHEN" src="/native-client/images/calendar-32.gif" /> You can register for the contest on Wednesday, February
25th 2009. The contest will end on Tuesday, May 5th 2009 at 11:59:59
Pacific time. Sign up early to start reporting exploits as soon as
<h2 id="what-s-in-it-for-you">What&#8217;s in it for you</h2>
<p><img alt="PRIZES" src="/native-client/images/gift-32.gif" /> Participating in the contest means that you will engage with
early stage research technology. In addition, your work will be
reviewed by a <a class="reference internal" href="/native-client/community/security-contest/index.html#contest-judges"><em>panel of security experts</em></a> from
some of the world&#8217;s most renowned universities, chaired by Edward
Felten of Princeton University. Finally, by submitting high impact
bug(s), you will also have the chance to compete to win one of our
five cash prizes, as well as the recognition of your peers.</p>
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<p class="first sidebar-title">More about Native Client</p>
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<li><a class="reference external" href="">Learn more about the Native Client open-source project</a></li>
<li><a class="reference external" href="">Download Native Client</a></li>
<li><a class="reference external" href="">Read the research paper</a>
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<p class="first sidebar-title">Featured Video</p>
<p>Watch a talk about Native Client at Stanford University.</p>
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