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/* Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
* This file defines the PPB_BrokerTrusted interface, which provides
* access to a trusted broker with greater privileges than the plugin.
label Chrome {
M14 = 0.2,
M25 = 0.3
* The PPB_BrokerTrusted interface provides access to a trusted broker
* with greater privileges than the plugin. The interface only supports
* out-of-process plugins and is to be used by proxy implementations. All
* functions should be called from the main thread only.
* A PPB_BrokerTrusted resource represents a connection to the broker. Its
* lifetime controls the lifetime of the broker, regardless of whether the
* handle is closed. The handle should be closed before the resource is
* released.
interface PPB_BrokerTrusted {
* Returns a trusted broker resource.
PP_Resource CreateTrusted([in] PP_Instance instance);
* Returns true if the resource is a trusted broker.
PP_Bool IsBrokerTrusted([in] PP_Resource resource);
* Connects to the trusted broker. It may have already
* been launched by another instance.
* The plugin takes ownership of the handle once the callback has been called
* with a result of PP_OK. The plugin should immediately call GetHandle and
* begin managing it. If the result is not PP_OK, the browser still owns the
* handle.
* Returns PP_ERROR_WOULD_BLOCK on success, and invokes
* the |connect_callback| asynchronously to complete.
* As this function should always be invoked from the main thread,
* do not use the blocking variant of PP_CompletionCallback.
* Returns PP_ERROR_FAILED if called from an in-process plugin.
int32_t Connect([in] PP_Resource broker,
[in] PP_CompletionCallback connect_callback);
* Gets the handle to the pipe. Use once Connect has completed. Each instance
* of this interface has its own pipe.
* Returns PP_OK on success, and places the result into the given output
* parameter. The handle is only set when returning PP_OK. Calling this
* before connect has completed will return PP_ERROR_FAILED.
int32_t GetHandle([in] PP_Resource broker, [out] int32_t handle);
* Returns PP_TRUE if the plugin has permission to launch the broker. A user
* must explicitly grant permission to launch the broker for a particular
* website. This is done through an infobar that is displayed when |Connect|
* is called. This function returns PP_TRUE if the user has already granted
* permission to launch the broker for the website containing this plugin
* instance. Returns PP_FALSE otherwise.
PP_Bool IsAllowed([in] PP_Resource broker);