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#include <cert.h>
#include <string>
#include "base/memory/scoped_ptr.h"
#include "net/base/cert_database.h"
class FreePRArenaPool {
inline void operator()(PRArenaPool* x) const {
PORT_FreeArena(x, PR_FALSE);
typedef scoped_ptr_malloc<PRArenaPool, FreePRArenaPool> ScopedPRArenaPool;
namespace mozilla_security_manager {
extern SECOidTag ms_cert_ext_certtype;
extern SECOidTag ms_certsrv_ca_version;
extern SECOidTag ms_nt_principal_name;
extern SECOidTag ms_ntds_replication;
void RegisterDynamicOids();
std::string DumpOidString(SECItem* oid);
std::string GetOIDText(SECItem* oid);
std::string ProcessRDN(CERTRDN* rdn);
std::string ProcessName(CERTName* name);
std::string ProcessBasicConstraints(SECItem* extension_data);
std::string ProcessGeneralName(PRArenaPool* arena,
CERTGeneralName* current);
std::string ProcessGeneralNames(PRArenaPool* arena,
CERTGeneralName* name_list);
std::string ProcessAltName(SECItem* extension_data);
std::string ProcessSubjectKeyId(SECItem* extension_data);
std::string ProcessAuthKeyId(SECItem* extension_data);
std::string ProcessCrlDistPoints(SECItem* extension_data);
std::string ProcessAuthInfoAccess(SECItem* extension_data);
std::string ProcessIA5String(SECItem* extension_data);
std::string ProcessBMPString(SECItem* extension_data);
std::string ProcessNSCertTypeExtension(SECItem* extension_data);
std::string ProcessKeyUsageBitString(SECItem* bitstring, char sep);
std::string ProcessKeyUsageExtension(SECItem* extension_data);
std::string ProcessExtKeyUsage(SECItem* extension_data);
std::string ProcessExtensionData(SECOidTag oid_tag, SECItem* extension_data);
std::string ProcessSubjectPublicKeyInfo(CERTSubjectPublicKeyInfo* spki);
net::CertType GetCertType(CERTCertificate *cert);
} // namespace mozilla_security_manager