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// Copyright 2015 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "base/callback.h"
#include "base/memory/scoped_ptr.h"
#include "mojo/services/network/public/interfaces/url_loader.mojom.h"
class GURL;
namespace base {
class FilePath;
class TaskRunner;
namespace mojo {
namespace shell {
// Fetcher abstracts getting an application by either file or http[s] URL.
// Although it is possible to use the Network implementation for http[s] URLs
// (because the underlying net library knows how to handle them), it is
// extremely slow because network responses must be copied to disk in order to
// get a file handle we can use with dlopen.
// Until this is solved, we use two different implementations so that
// performance isn't completely absymal.
class Fetcher {
// The param will be null in the case where the content could not be fetched.
// Reasons include:
// - network error
// - 4x or 5x HTTP errors
typedef base::Callback<void(scoped_ptr<Fetcher>)> FetchCallback;
Fetcher(const FetchCallback& fetch_callback);
virtual ~Fetcher();
// Returns the original URL that was fetched.
virtual const GURL& GetURL() const = 0;
// If the fetch resulted in a redirect, this returns the final URL after all
// redirects. Otherwise, it returns an empty URL.
virtual GURL GetRedirectURL() const = 0;
// If the fetch resulted in a redirect, this returns the referer URL to use
// with the redirect.
virtual GURL GetRedirectReferer() const = 0;
virtual URLResponsePtr AsURLResponse(base::TaskRunner* task_runner,
uint32_t skip) = 0;
virtual void AsPath(
base::TaskRunner* task_runner,
base::Callback<void(const base::FilePath&, bool)> callback) = 0;
virtual std::string MimeType() = 0;
virtual bool HasMojoMagic() = 0;
virtual bool PeekFirstLine(std::string* line) = 0;
bool PeekContentHandler(std::string* mojo_shebang,
GURL* mojo_content_handler_url);
static const char kMojoMagic[];
static const size_t kMaxShebangLength;
FetchCallback loader_callback_;
} // namespace shell
} // namespace mojo