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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <memory>
#include <sstream>
#include "base/compiler_specific.h"
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "build/build_config.h"
class Browser;
class FullscreenController;
class FullscreenNotificationObserver;
// Utility definition for mapping enum values to strings in switch statements.
#define ENUM_TO_STRING(enum) case enum: return #enum
// Test fixture used to test Fullscreen Controller through exhaustive sequences
// of events in unit and interactive tests.
// Because operating system window managers are too unreliable (they result in
// flakiness at around 1 out of 1000 runs) this fixture is designed to be run
// on testing infrastructure in unit tests mocking out the platforms' behavior.
// To verify that behavior interactive tests exist but are left disabled and
// only run manually when verifying the consistency of the
// FullscreenControllerTestWindow.
class FullscreenControllerStateTest {
// Events names for FullscreenController methods.
enum Event {
TOGGLE_FULLSCREEN, // ToggleBrowserFullscreenMode()
TAB_FULLSCREEN_TRUE, // ToggleFullscreenModeForTab(, true)
TAB_FULLSCREEN_FALSE, // ToggleFullscreenModeForTab(, false)
BUBBLE_EXIT_LINK, // ExitTabOrBrowserFullscreenToPreviousState()
WINDOW_CHANGE, // ChangeWindowFullscreenState()
// Conceptual states of the Fullscreen Controller, these do not correspond
// to particular implemenation details.
enum State {
// The window is not in fullscreen.
// User-initiated fullscreen.
// HTML5 tab-initiated fullscreen.
// Both tab and browser fullscreen.
// TO_ states are asynchronous states waiting for window state change
// before transitioning to their named state.
static const int kMaxStateNameLength = 39;
virtual ~FullscreenControllerStateTest();
static const char* GetStateString(State state);
static const char* GetEventString(Event event);
// Returns true if FullscreenController::WindowFullscreenStateChanged()
// will be called and re-enter FullscreenController before
// FullscreenController methods complete.
static bool IsWindowFullscreenStateChangedReentrant();
// Returns true if |state| can be persistent. This is true for all of the
// states without "_TO_" in their name.
static bool IsPersistentState(State state);
// Causes Fullscreen Controller to transition to an arbitrary state.
void TransitionToState(State state);
// Makes one state change to approach |destination_state| via shortest path.
// Returns true if a state change is made.
// Repeated calls are needed to reach the destination.
bool TransitionAStepTowardState(State destination_state);
// Calls FullscreenController::ChangeWindowFullscreenState if needed because
// a mock BrowserWindow is being used.
virtual void ChangeWindowFullscreenState() {}
// Returns a description of the window's state, may return NULL.
// FullscreenControllerStateTest owns the returned pointer.
virtual const char* GetWindowStateString();
// Causes the |event| to occur and return true on success.
virtual bool InvokeEvent(Event event);
// Checks that window state matches the expected controller state.
virtual void VerifyWindowState();
// Wait for NOTIFICATION_FULLSCREEN_CHANGED if a notification should have been
// sent in transitioning to |state_| from the previous persistent state.
void MaybeWaitForNotification();
// Tests all states with all permutations of multiple events to detect
// lingering state issues that would bleed over to other states.
// I.E. for each state test all combinations of events E1, E2, E3.
// This produces coverage for event sequences that may happen normally but
// would not be exposed by traversing to each state via TransitionToState().
// TransitionToState() always takes the same path even when multiple paths
// exist.
void TestTransitionsForEachState();
// Log transition_table_ to a string for debugging.
std::string GetTransitionTableAsString() const;
// Log state_transitions_ to a string for debugging.
std::string GetStateTransitionsAsString() const;
// Set of enumerations (created with a helper macro) for _FALSE, _TRUE, and
// _NO_EXPECTATION values to be passed to VerifyWindowStateExpectations().
#define EXPECTATION_ENUM(enum_name, enum_prefix) \
enum enum_name { \
enum_prefix##_FALSE, \
enum_prefix##_TRUE, \
enum_prefix##_NO_EXPECTATION \
// Generated information about the transitions between states.
struct StateTransitionInfo {
distance(NUM_STATES) {}
Event event; // The |Event| that will cause the state transition.
State state; // The adjacent |State| transitioned to; not the final state.
int distance; // Steps to final state. NUM_STATES represents unknown.
// Returns next transition info for shortest path from source to destination.
StateTransitionInfo NextTransitionInShortestPath(State source,
State destination,
int search_limit);
// Returns a detailed log of what FullscreenControllerStateTest has done
// up to this point, to be reported when tests fail.
std::string GetAndClearDebugLog();
// Returns true if the |state| & |event| pair should be skipped.
virtual bool ShouldSkipStateAndEventPair(State state, Event event);
// Returns true if a test should be skipped entirely, e.g. due to platform.
virtual bool ShouldSkipTest(State state, Event event);
// Runs one test of transitioning to a state and invoking an event.
virtual void TestStateAndEvent(State state, Event event);
// Checks that window state matches the expected controller state.
virtual void VerifyWindowStateExpectations(
FullscreenForBrowserExpectation fullscreen_for_browser,
FullscreenForTabExpectation fullscreen_for_tab);
virtual Browser* GetBrowser() = 0;
FullscreenController* GetFullscreenController();
// The state the FullscreenController is expected to be in.
State state() const { return state_; }
// The state the FullscreenController is expected to be in.
State state_;
// The state when the previous NOTIFICATION_FULLSCREEN_CHANGED notification
// was received.
State last_notification_received_state_;
// Listens for the NOTIFICATION_FULLSCREEN_CHANGED notification.
// Human defined |State| that results given each [state][event] pair.
State transition_table_[NUM_STATES][NUM_EVENTS];
// Generated information about the transitions between states [from][to].
// View generated data with: out/Release/unit_tests
// --gtest_filter="FullscreenController*DebugLogStateTables"
// --gtest_also_run_disabled_tests
StateTransitionInfo state_transitions_[NUM_STATES][NUM_STATES];
// Log of operations reported on errors via GetAndClearDebugLog().
std::ostringstream debugging_log_;