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// Copyright (c) 2013 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <stdint.h>
#include <vector>
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "chromeos/chromeos_export.h"
#include "chromeos/dbus/cras_audio_client.h"
namespace chromeos {
// The CrasAudioClient implementation used on Linux desktop.
class CHROMEOS_EXPORT FakeCrasAudioClient : public CrasAudioClient {
~FakeCrasAudioClient() override;
// CrasAudioClient overrides:
void Init(dbus::Bus* bus) override;
void AddObserver(Observer* observer) override;
void RemoveObserver(Observer* observer) override;
bool HasObserver(const Observer* observer) const override;
void GetVolumeState(DBusMethodCallback<VolumeState> callback) override;
void GetDefaultOutputBufferSize(DBusMethodCallback<int> callback) override;
void GetSystemAecSupported(DBusMethodCallback<bool> callback) override;
void GetNodes(DBusMethodCallback<AudioNodeList> callback) override;
void GetNumberOfActiveOutputStreams(
DBusMethodCallback<int> callback) override;
void SetOutputNodeVolume(uint64_t node_id, int32_t volume) override;
void SetOutputUserMute(bool mute_on) override;
void SetInputNodeGain(uint64_t node_id, int32_t gain) override;
void SetInputMute(bool mute_on) override;
void SetActiveOutputNode(uint64_t node_id) override;
void SetActiveInputNode(uint64_t node_id) override;
void AddActiveInputNode(uint64_t node_id) override;
void RemoveActiveInputNode(uint64_t node_id) override;
void AddActiveOutputNode(uint64_t node_id) override;
void RemoveActiveOutputNode(uint64_t node_id) override;
void SwapLeftRight(uint64_t node_id, bool swap) override;
void SetGlobalOutputChannelRemix(int32_t channels,
const std::vector<double>& mixer) override;
void WaitForServiceToBeAvailable(
WaitForServiceToBeAvailableCallback callback) override;
// Modifies an AudioNode from |node_list_| based on ||.
// if the || cannot be found in list, Add an
// AudioNode to |node_list_|
void InsertAudioNodeToList(const AudioNode& audio_node);
// Removes an AudioNode from |node_list_| based on |node_id|.
void RemoveAudioNodeFromList(const uint64_t& node_id);
// Updates |node_list_| to contain |audio_nodes|.
void SetAudioNodesForTesting(const AudioNodeList& audio_nodes);
// Calls SetAudioNodesForTesting() and additionally notifies |observers_|.
void SetAudioNodesAndNotifyObserversForTesting(
const AudioNodeList& new_nodes);
// Generates fake signal for OutputNodeVolumeChanged.
void NotifyOutputNodeVolumeChangedForTesting(uint64_t node_id, int volume);
// Generates fake hotword signal for HotwordTriggered.
void NotifyHotwordTriggeredForTesting(uint64_t tv_sec, uint64_t tv_nsec);
const AudioNodeList& node_list() const { return node_list_; }
const uint64_t& active_input_node_id() const { return active_input_node_id_; }
const uint64_t& active_output_node_id() const {
return active_output_node_id_;
void set_notify_volume_change_with_delay(bool notify_with_delay) {
notify_volume_change_with_delay_ = notify_with_delay;
// Finds a node in the list based on the id.
AudioNodeList::iterator FindNode(uint64_t node_id);
VolumeState volume_state_;
AudioNodeList node_list_;
uint64_t active_input_node_id_;
uint64_t active_output_node_id_;
// By default, immediately sends OutputNodeVolumeChange signal following the
// SetOutputNodeVolume fake dbus call.
bool notify_volume_change_with_delay_ = false;
base::ObserverList<Observer> observers_;
} // namespace chromeos