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// Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <string>
class GURL;
namespace base {
class FilePath;
namespace download {
// Return value for QuarantineFile.
enum class QuarantineFileResult {
OK, // Success.
ACCESS_DENIED, // Access to the file was denied. The safety of the file could
// not be determined.
BLOCKED_BY_POLICY, // Downloads from |source_url| are not allowed by policy.
// The file has been deleted.
ANNOTATION_FAILED, // Unable to write the mark-of-the-web or otherwise
// annotate the file as being downloaded from
// |source_url|.
FILE_MISSING, // |file| does not name a valid file.
SECURITY_CHECK_FAILED, // An unknown error occurred while checking |file|.
// The file may have been deleted.
VIRUS_INFECTED // |file| was found to be infected by a virus and was deleted.
// Quarantine a file that was downloaded from the internet.
// Ensures that |file| is handled as safely as possible given that it was
// downloaded from |source_url|. The details of how a downloaded file is handled
// are platform dependent. Please refer to the individual quarantine_<os>
// implementation.
// This function should be called for all files downloaded from the internet and
// placed in a manner discoverable by the user, or exposed to an external
// application. Furthermore, it should be called:
// * **AFTER** all the data has been written to the file. On Windows, registered
// anti-virus products will be invoked for scanning the contents of the file.
// Hence it's important to have the final contents of the file be available at
// the point at which this function is called.
// Exception: Zero-length files will be handled solely on the basis of the
// |source_url| and the file type. This exception accommodates situations
// where the file contents cannot be determined before it is made visible to
// an external application.
// * **AFTER** the file has been renamed to its final name. The file type is
// significant and is derived from the filename.
// * **BEFORE** the file is made visible to an external application or the user.
// Security checks and mark-of-the-web annotations must be made prior to
// exposing the file externally.
// Note that it is possible for this method to take a long time to complete
// (several seconds or more). In addition to blocking during this time, this
// delay also introduces a window during which a browser shutdown may leave the
// downloaded file unannotated.
// Parameters:
// |file| : Final name of the file.
// |source_url|: URL from which the file content was downloaded. This is empty
// for off-the-record download.
// |referrer_url|: Referring URL. This is empty for off-the-record download.
// |client_guid|: Only used on Windows. Identifies the client application
// that downloaded the file.
QuarantineFileResult QuarantineFile(const base::FilePath& file,
const GURL& source_url,
const GURL& referrer_url,
const std::string& client_guid);
} // namespace download