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Name: Crashpad
Short Name: crashpad
Version: unknown
Revision: a7859e9bc63e54e972906745cbcc1b8543a4fe10
License: Apache 2.0
License File: crashpad/LICENSE
Security Critical: yes
Crashpad is a crash-reporting system. Its the successor to Breakpad.
Crashpads authoritative upstream repository is
Because Crashpad depends on some Chromium code (notably base and build), it is
acceptable to make changes to this in-Chromium copy of Crashpad in order to
conform to interface changes in Chromium. These changes must be noted in the
local modifications section below, and should also be reflected in the
authoritative Crashpad repository as soon as practical.
Substantive development must occur in the authoritative Crashpad repository. If
this type of work is done in the in-Chromium copy, it will be obliterated the
next time Crashpad is imported into Chromium.
To update the in-Chromium copy of Crashpad, run, located in this
To carry changes made in Chromium to Crashpad, run:
$ cd "${THIS_DIR}"
$ mkdir /tmp/patchdir
$ git format-patch -1 --binary --output-directory=/tmp/patchdir/cur "${HASH}" \
--add-header="Message-Id: Merged from chromium ${HASH}" -- crashpad/
$ cd "${CRASHPAD_DIR}"
$ git am --3way --message-id -p4 /tmp/patchdir
Local Modifications:
- codereview.settings has been excluded.