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// Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>
#include <memory>
#include <vector>
#import "base/mac/scoped_nsobject.h"
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "mojo/public/cpp/bindings/associated_binding.h"
#include "ui/accelerated_widget_mac/ca_transaction_observer.h"
#include "ui/accelerated_widget_mac/display_ca_layer_tree.h"
#include "ui/base/cocoa/command_dispatcher.h"
#include "ui/base/cocoa/ns_view_ids.h"
#include "ui/base/ime/text_input_client.h"
#include "ui/display/display_observer.h"
#import "ui/views_bridge_mac/cocoa_mouse_capture_delegate.h"
#include "ui/views_bridge_mac/mojo/bridged_native_widget.mojom.h"
#include "ui/views_bridge_mac/mojo/text_input_host.mojom.h"
#include "ui/views_bridge_mac/views_bridge_mac_export.h"
@class BridgedContentView;
@class ModalShowAnimationWithLayer;
@class NativeWidgetMacNSWindow;
@class ViewsNSWindowDelegate;
namespace views_bridge_mac {
namespace mojom {
class BridgedNativeWidgetHost;
class TextInputHost;
} // namespace mojom
class BridgedNativeWidgetHostHelper;
class CocoaMouseCapture;
class DragDropClient;
} // namespace views_bridge_mac
namespace views {
namespace test {
class BridgedNativeWidgetTestApi;
class CocoaWindowMoveLoop;
using views_bridge_mac::mojom::BridgedNativeWidgetHost;
using views_bridge_mac::BridgedNativeWidgetHostHelper;
using views_bridge_mac::CocoaMouseCapture;
using views_bridge_mac::CocoaMouseCaptureDelegate;
// A bridge to an NSWindow managed by an instance of NativeWidgetMac or
// DesktopNativeWidgetMac. Serves as a helper class to bridge requests from the
// NativeWidgetMac to the Cocoa window. Behaves a bit like an aura::Window.
class VIEWS_BRIDGE_MAC_EXPORT BridgedNativeWidgetImpl
: public views_bridge_mac::mojom::BridgedNativeWidget,
public display::DisplayObserver,
public ui::CATransactionCoordinator::PreCommitObserver,
public CocoaMouseCaptureDelegate {
// Return the size that |window| will take for the given client area |size|,
// based on its current style mask.
static gfx::Size GetWindowSizeForClientSize(NSWindow* window,
const gfx::Size& size);
// Retrieve a BridgedNativeWidgetImpl* from its id or window.
static BridgedNativeWidgetImpl* GetFromId(uint64_t bridged_native_widget_id);
static BridgedNativeWidgetImpl* GetFromNativeWindow(gfx::NativeWindow window);
// Create an NSWindow for the specified parameters.
static base::scoped_nsobject<NativeWidgetMacNSWindow> CreateNSWindow(
const views_bridge_mac::mojom::CreateWindowParams* params);
// Creates one side of the bridge. |host| and |parent| must not be NULL.
uint64_t bridged_native_widget_id,
BridgedNativeWidgetHost* host,
BridgedNativeWidgetHostHelper* host_helper,
views_bridge_mac::mojom::TextInputHost* text_input_host);
~BridgedNativeWidgetImpl() override;
// Bind |bridge_mojo_binding_| to |request|, and set the connection error
// callback for |bridge_mojo_binding_| to |connection_closed_callback| (which
// will delete |this| when the connection is closed).
void BindRequest(
views_bridge_mac::mojom::BridgedNativeWidgetAssociatedRequest request,
base::OnceClosure connection_closed_callback);
// Initialize the NSWindow by taking ownership of the specified object.
// TODO(ccameron): When a BridgedNativeWidgetImpl is allocated across a
// process boundary, it will not be possible to explicitly set an NSWindow in
// this way.
void SetWindow(base::scoped_nsobject<NativeWidgetMacNSWindow> window);
// Set the command dispatcher delegate for the window. This will retain
// |delegate| for the lifetime of |this|.
void SetCommandDispatcher(
NSObject<CommandDispatcherDelegate>* delegate,
id<UserInterfaceItemCommandHandler> command_handler);
// Start moving the window, pinned to the mouse cursor, and monitor events.
// Return true on mouse up or false on premature termination via EndMoveLoop()
// or when window is destroyed during the drag.
bool RunMoveLoop(const gfx::Vector2d& drag_offset);
void EndMoveLoop();
// Sets the cursor associated with the NSWindow. Retains |cursor|.
void SetCursor(NSCursor* cursor);
// Called internally by the NSWindowDelegate when the window is closing.
void OnWindowWillClose();
// Called by the NSWindowDelegate when a fullscreen operation begins. If
// |target_fullscreen_state| is true, the target state is fullscreen.
// Otherwise, a transition has begun to come out of fullscreen.
void OnFullscreenTransitionStart(bool target_fullscreen_state);
// Called when a fullscreen transition completes. If target_fullscreen_state()
// does not match |actual_fullscreen_state|, a new transition will begin.
void OnFullscreenTransitionComplete(bool actual_fullscreen_state);
// Transition the window into or out of fullscreen. This will immediately
// invert the value of target_fullscreen_state().
void ToggleDesiredFullscreenState(bool async = false);
// Called by the NSWindowDelegate when the size of the window changes.
void OnSizeChanged();
// Called once by the NSWindowDelegate when the position of the window has
// changed.
void OnPositionChanged();
// Called by the NSWindowDelegate when the visibility of the window may have
// changed. For example, due to a (de)miniaturize operation, or the window
// being reordered in (or out of) the screen list.
void OnVisibilityChanged();
// Called by the NSWindowDelegate when the system control tint changes.
void OnSystemControlTintChanged();
// Called by the NSWindowDelegate on a scale factor or color space change.
void OnBackingPropertiesChanged();
// Called by the NSWindowDelegate when the window becomes or resigns key.
void OnWindowKeyStatusChangedTo(bool is_key);
// Called by the window show animation when it completes and wants to destroy
// itself.
void OnShowAnimationComplete();
// Sort child NSViews according to their ranking in |rank|.
void SortSubviews(std::map<NSView*, int> rank);
BridgedContentView* ns_view() { return bridged_view_; }
BridgedNativeWidgetHost* host() { return host_; }
BridgedNativeWidgetHostHelper* host_helper() { return host_helper_; }
views_bridge_mac::mojom::TextInputHost* text_input_host() const {
return text_input_host_;
NSWindow* ns_window();
views_bridge_mac::DragDropClient* drag_drop_client();
bool is_translucent_window() const { return is_translucent_window_; }
// The parent widget specified in Widget::InitParams::parent. If non-null, the
// parent will close children before the parent closes, and children will be
// raised above their parent when window z-order changes.
BridgedNativeWidgetImpl* parent() { return parent_; }
const std::vector<BridgedNativeWidgetImpl*>& child_windows() {
return child_windows_;
bool target_fullscreen_state() const { return target_fullscreen_state_; }
bool window_visible() const { return window_visible_; }
bool wants_to_be_visible() const { return wants_to_be_visible_; }
bool in_fullscreen_transition() const { return in_fullscreen_transition_; }
// Whether to run a custom animation for the provided |transition|.
bool ShouldRunCustomAnimationFor(
views_bridge_mac::mojom::VisibilityTransition transition) const;
// Redispatch a keyboard event using the widget's window's CommandDispatcher.
// Return true if the event is handled.
bool RedispatchKeyEvent(NSEvent* event);
// Save an NSEvent to be used at the mojo version of RedispatchKeyEvent,
// rather than (inaccurately) reconstructing the NSEvent.
void SaveKeyEventForRedispatch(NSEvent* event);
// display::DisplayObserver:
void OnDisplayMetricsChanged(const display::Display& display,
uint32_t metrics) override;
// ui::CATransactionCoordinator::PreCommitObserver:
bool ShouldWaitInPreCommit() override;
base::TimeDelta PreCommitTimeout() override;
// views_bridge_mac::mojom::BridgedNativeWidget:
void CreateWindow(
views_bridge_mac::mojom::CreateWindowParamsPtr params) override;
void SetParent(uint64_t parent_id) override;
void StackAbove(uint64_t sibling_id) override;
void StackAtTop() override;
void ShowEmojiPanel() override;
void InitWindow(views_bridge_mac::mojom::BridgedNativeWidgetInitParamsPtr
params) override;
void InitCompositorView() override;
void CreateContentView(uint64_t ns_view_id, const gfx::Rect& bounds) override;
void DestroyContentView() override;
void CloseWindow() override;
void CloseWindowNow() override;
void SetInitialBounds(const gfx::Rect& new_bounds,
const gfx::Size& minimum_content_size) override;
void SetBounds(const gfx::Rect& new_bounds,
const gfx::Size& minimum_content_size) override;
void SetSizeAndCenter(const gfx::Size& content_size,
const gfx::Size& minimum_content_size) override;
void SetVisibilityState(
views_bridge_mac::mojom::WindowVisibilityState new_state) override;
void SetAnimationEnabled(bool animation_enabled) override;
void SetTransitionsToAnimate(
views_bridge_mac::mojom::VisibilityTransition transitions) override;
void SetVisibleOnAllSpaces(bool always_visible) override;
void SetFullscreen(bool fullscreen) override;
void SetCanAppearInExistingFullscreenSpaces(
bool can_appear_in_existing_fullscreen_spaces) override;
void SetMiniaturized(bool miniaturized) override;
void SetSizeConstraints(const gfx::Size& min_size,
const gfx::Size& max_size,
bool is_resizable,
bool is_maximizable) override;
void SetOpacity(float opacity) override;
void SetContentAspectRatio(const gfx::SizeF& aspect_ratio) override;
void SetCALayerParams(const gfx::CALayerParams& ca_layer_params) override;
void SetWindowTitle(const base::string16& title) override;
void MakeFirstResponder() override;
void ClearTouchBar() override;
void UpdateTooltip() override;
void AcquireCapture() override;
void ReleaseCapture() override;
void RedispatchKeyEvent(uint64_t type,
uint64_t modifier_flags,
double timestamp,
const base::string16& characters,
const base::string16& characters_ignoring_modifiers,
uint32_t key_code) override;
// Return true if [NSApp updateWindows] needs to be called after updating the
// TextInputClient.
bool NeedsUpdateWindows();
// Compute the window and content size, and forward them to |host_|. This will
// update widget and compositor size.
void UpdateWindowGeometry();
// The offset in screen pixels for positioning child windows owned by |this|.
gfx::Vector2d GetChildWindowOffset() const;
friend class test::BridgedNativeWidgetTestApi;
// Closes all child windows. BridgedNativeWidgetImpl children will be
// destroyed.
void RemoveOrDestroyChildren();
// Remove the specified child window without closing it.
void RemoveChildWindow(BridgedNativeWidgetImpl* child);
// Notify descendants of a visibility change.
void NotifyVisibilityChangeDown();
// Query the display properties of the monitor that |window_| is on, and
// forward them to |host_|.
void UpdateWindowDisplay();
// Return true if the delegate's modal type is window-modal. These display as
// a native window "sheet", and have a different lifetime to regular windows.
bool IsWindowModalSheet() const;
// Show the window using -[NSApp beginSheet:..], modal for the parent window.
void ShowAsModalSheet();
// Returns true if capture exists and is currently active.
bool HasCapture();
// CocoaMouseCaptureDelegate:
void PostCapturedEvent(NSEvent* event) override;
void OnMouseCaptureLost() override;
NSWindow* GetWindow() const override;
const uint64_t id_;
BridgedNativeWidgetHost* const host_; // Weak. Owns this.
BridgedNativeWidgetHostHelper* const host_helper_; // Weak, owned by |host_|.
views_bridge_mac::mojom::TextInputHost* const
text_input_host_; // Weak, owned by |host_|.
base::scoped_nsobject<NativeWidgetMacNSWindow> window_;
base::scoped_nsobject<ViewsNSWindowDelegate> window_delegate_;
base::scoped_nsobject<NSEvent> saved_redispatch_event_;
base::scoped_nsobject<BridgedContentView> bridged_view_;
std::unique_ptr<ui::ScopedNSViewIdMapping> bridged_view_id_mapping_;
base::scoped_nsobject<ModalShowAnimationWithLayer> show_animation_;
std::unique_ptr<CocoaMouseCapture> mouse_capture_;
std::unique_ptr<CocoaWindowMoveLoop> window_move_loop_;
ui::ModalType modal_type_ = ui::MODAL_TYPE_NONE;
bool is_translucent_window_ = false;
bool widget_is_top_level_ = false;
bool position_window_in_screen_coords_ = false;
BridgedNativeWidgetImpl* parent_ = nullptr; // Weak. If non-null, owns this.
std::vector<BridgedNativeWidgetImpl*> child_windows_;
// The size of the content area of the window most recently sent to |host_|
// (and its compositor).
gfx::Size content_dip_size_;
// The size of the frame most recently *received from* the compositor. Note
// that during resize (and showing new windows), this will lag behind
// |content_dip_size_|, which is the frame size most recently *sent to* the
// compositor.
gfx::Size compositor_frame_dip_size_;
std::unique_ptr<ui::DisplayCALayerTree> display_ca_layer_tree_;
// Tracks the bounds when the window last started entering fullscreen. Used to
// provide an answer for GetRestoredBounds(), but not ever sent to Cocoa (it
// has its own copy, but doesn't provide access to it).
gfx::Rect bounds_before_fullscreen_;
// The transition types to animate when not relying on native NSWindow
// animation behaviors.
views_bridge_mac::mojom::VisibilityTransition transitions_to_animate_ =
// Whether this window wants to be fullscreen. If a fullscreen animation is in
// progress then it might not be actually fullscreen.
bool target_fullscreen_state_ = false;
// Whether this window is in a fullscreen transition, and the fullscreen state
// can not currently be changed.
bool in_fullscreen_transition_ = false;
// Trying to close an NSWindow during a fullscreen transition will cause the
// window to lock up. Use this to track if CloseWindow was called during a
// fullscreen transition, to defer the -[NSWindow close] call until the
// transition is complete.
bool has_deferred_window_close_ = false;
// Stores the value last read from -[NSWindow isVisible], to detect visibility
// changes.
bool window_visible_ = false;
// If true, the window is either visible, or wants to be visible but is
// currently hidden due to having a hidden parent.
bool wants_to_be_visible_ = false;
// If true, then ignore interactions with CATransactionCoordinator until the
// first frame arrives.
bool ca_transaction_sync_suppressed_ = false;
// If true, the window has been made visible or changed shape and the window
// shadow needs to be invalidated when a frame is received for the new shape.
bool invalidate_shadow_on_frame_swap_ = false;
} // namespace views