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The extensions/ directory

The extensions/ directory contains embedder-specific, not-web-exposed APIs (e.g., not-web-exposed APIs for Chromium OS etc). The directory is useful to implement embedder-specific, not-web-exposed APIs using Blink technologies for web-exposed APIs like WebIDL, V8 bindings and Oilpan.

Remember that you should not implement any web-exposed APIs in extensions/. Web-exposed APIs should go through the standardization process and be implemented in core/ or modules/. Also, per the Chromium contributor guideline, code that is not used by Chromium should not be added to extensions/.

In terms of dependencies, extensions/ can depend on modules/, core/ and platform/, but not vice versa.

The extensions/ directory contains sub-directories for individual embedders (e.g., extensions/chromeos/). Each sub-directory is linked into the Blink link unit only when the embedder is built.