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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "ash/ash_switches.h"
#include "base/command_line.h"
#include "base/sys_info.h"
namespace ash {
namespace switches {
// Enables an animated transition from the boot splash screen (Chrome logo on a
// white background) to the login screen. Implies
// |kAshCopyHostBackgroundAtBoot| and doesn't make much sense if used in
// conjunction with |kDisableBootAnimation| (since the transition begins at the
// same time as the white/grayscale login screen animation).
const char kAshAnimateFromBootSplashScreen[] =
// Copies the host window's content to the system background layer at startup.
// Can make boot slightly slower, but also hides an even-longer awkward period
// where we display a white background if the login wallpaper takes a long time
// to load.
const char kAshCopyHostBackgroundAtBoot[] = "ash-copy-host-background-at-boot";
// Enable keyboard shortcuts useful for debugging.
const char kAshDebugShortcuts[] = "ash-debug-shortcuts";
// Disables the window backdrops normally used in maximize mode (TouchView).
const char kAshDisableMaximizeModeWindowBackdrop[] =
#if defined(OS_CHROMEOS)
// Disable the support for WebContents to lock the screen orientation.
const char kAshDisableScreenOrientationLock[] =
// Disable the Touch Exploration Mode. Touch Exploration Mode will no longer be
// turned on automatically when spoken feedback is enabled when this flag is
// set.
const char kAshDisableTouchExplorationMode[] =
#if defined(OS_CHROMEOS)
// Enables fullscreen app list if Ash is in maximize mode.
const char kAshEnableFullscreenAppList[] = "ash-enable-fullscreen-app-list";
// Enables key bindings to scroll magnified screen.
const char kAshEnableMagnifierKeyScroller[] =
// Enables unified desktop mode.
const char kAshEnableUnifiedDesktop[] = "ash-enable-unified-desktop";
// Enables the observation of accelerometer events to enter touch-view mode.
const char kAshEnableTouchView[] = "enable-touchview";
// Enables mirrored screen.
const char kAshEnableMirroredScreen[] = "ash-enable-mirrored-screen";
// Enables / disables a stable order between overview sessions, independent of
// the MRU order which attempts to preserve relative window positions.
const char kAshDisableStableOverviewOrder[] =
const char kAshEnableStableOverviewOrder[] = "ash-enable-stable-overview-order";
// Enables software based mirroring.
const char kAshEnableSoftwareMirroring[] = "ash-enable-software-mirroring";
// Enables touch view testing.
// TODO(skuhne): Remove TOGGLE_TOUCH_VIEW_TESTING accelerator once this
// flag is removed.
const char kAshEnableTouchViewTesting[] = "ash-enable-touch-view-testing";
// When this flag is set, system sounds will not be played.
const char kAshDisableSystemSounds[] = "ash-disable-system-sounds";
// When this flag is set, system sounds will be played whether the
// ChromeVox is enabled or not.
const char kAshEnableSystemSounds[] = "ash-enable-system-sounds";
// Hides notifications that are irrelevant to Chrome OS device factory testing,
// such as battery level updates.
const char kAshHideNotificationsForFactory[] =
// Sets a window size, optional position, and optional scale factor.
// "1024x768" creates a window of size 1024x768.
// "100+200-1024x768" positions the window at 100,200.
// "1024x768*2" sets the scale factor to 2 for a high DPI display.
const char kAshHostWindowBounds[] = "ash-host-window-bounds";
// Specifies the layout mode and offsets for the secondary display for
// testing. The format is "<t|r|b|l>,<offset>" where t=TOP, r=RIGHT,
// b=BOTTOM and L=LEFT. For example, 'r,-100' means the secondary display
// is positioned on the right with -100 offset. (above than primary)
const char kAshSecondaryDisplayLayout[] = "ash-secondary-display-layout";
// Enables the heads-up display for tracking touch points.
const char kAshTouchHud[] = "ash-touch-hud";
// Uses the 1st display in --ash-host-window-bounds as internal display.
// This is for debugging on linux desktop.
const char kAshUseFirstDisplayAsInternal[] =
// (Most) Chrome OS hardware reports ACPI power button releases correctly.
// Standard hardware reports releases immediately after presses. If set, we
// lock the screen or shutdown the system immediately in response to a press
// instead of displaying an interactive animation.
const char kAuraLegacyPowerButton[] = "aura-legacy-power-button";
#if defined(OS_WIN)
// Force Ash to open its root window on the desktop, even on Windows 8 where
// it would normally end up in metro.
const char kForceAshToDesktop[] = "ash-force-desktop";
#if defined(OS_CHROMEOS)
// Constrains the pointer movement within a root window on desktop.
bool ConstrainPointerToRoot() {
const char kAshConstrainPointerToRoot[] = "ash-constrain-pointer-to-root";
return base::SysInfo::IsRunningOnChromeOS() ||
} // namespace switches
} // namespace ash