AW: relax WebResourceResponse requirements

This swaps onReceivedHttpError() to use the WebResourceResponse
@SystemApi constructor in all code paths. The public constructor
enforces several requirements which are either too strict (ex.
reasonPhrase cannot be empty, however it was removed from the HTTP/2
spec) or are undesirable to enforce for callbacks (some web servers use
invalid status code; we would prefer for the app to handle this rather
than crash WebView).

Since we dropped Android L support, we can use this constructor in both
code paths.

Bug: b/235960500
Test: None - this constructor is more relaxed than before and has been
Test: in use for the non-AndroidX code path for many years.
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This folder contains a shim layer between the public frameworks APIs (android.webkit.*) and WebView's implementation, and allows them to (mostly) not directly depend on each other.

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//android_webview/java/ must not depend on this directory.

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