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  2. 32be028 Fix Rust target triple for riscv64 by Eric Long · 33 hours ago
  3. 739b422 Roll cxx: 1.0.121 => 1.0.122 in //third_party/rust. by danakj · 34 hours ago
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//build contains:

  • Core GN templates and configuration
  • Core Python build scripts

Since this directory is DEPS'ed in by some other repositories (webrtc, pdfium, v8, etc), it should be kept as self-contained as possible by not referring to files outside of it. Some exceptions exist (//testing, select //third_party subdirectories), but new dependencies tend to break these other projects, and so should be avoided.

Changes to //build should be landed in the Chromium repo. They will then be replicated to the stand-alone build repo by the gsubtreed tool. Note: You can find all directories already available through gsubtreed in the list of all chromium repos.


  • //build/config - Common templates via .gni files.
  • //build/toolchain - GN toolchain definitions.
  • Other .py files - Some are used by GN/Ninja. Some by gclient hooks, some are just random utilities.

Files referenced by //.gn:

  • //build/ - Included by all files.
  • //build/secondary - An overlay for files. Enables adding to directories that live in sub-repositories.
  • //build_overrides - Refer to //build_overrides/