Revert "Build libc++ and libc++abi with -std=c++20"

This reverts commit aea3a572a01844fdf4b4137d2b0c1fad90f70aab.

Reason for revert: Broke compile on linux-gcc-rel bot

g++: error: unrecognized command line option ‘-std=c++20’; did you mean ‘-std=c++03’?

Original change's description:
> Build libc++ and libc++abi with -std=c++20
> This changed upstream a while ago
> (, and as of
> this commit it's required to build libcxxabi:
> Generally, we require the same -std= flag across all of chromium.
> Given that this is a low-level external library, make an exception
> for just this library. (It also used c++17 before the rest, for the
> same reasons.) No other target should do this.
> Bug: 1298070
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Bug: 1298070
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