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  1. 10f3d2b redaction_tool: Do not match line breaks in PSM ID by seobrien · 8 days ago main
  2. 2b5c69b redaction_tool: Add LVM UUIDs by Sarthak Kukreti · 11 days ago
  3. 5753ee8 redaction_tool: modified the regex capturing URLs by xiangdong kong · 12 days ago
  4. 9af8621 Replace re2::StringPiece with std::string_view by David Benjamin · 3 weeks ago
  5. f577339 support-tool: Add SigninDataCollector by Nacho Coloma · 7 weeks ago

redaction_tool: PII Redaction Tool

A redaction_tool redacts the following PII using a wide set of RegEx expressions: kAndroidAppStoragePath kEmail kGaiaID kIPPAddress kIPAddress kLocationInfo kMACAddress kUIHierarchyWindowTitles kURL kSerial kSSID kStableIdentifier kVolumeLabel

The cros/upstream/main branch is a mirror of the components/feedback/redaction_tool directory from upstream.

How to update the source

To pull in updates from chromium/src, do the following:

  • git remote update

  • git checkout -b main cros/main

  • git merge cros/upstream/main

    • should mostly use the version from main, unless the upstream changes the files to be built.
    • The #include paths should use the version from main (without “components/feedback”). This should be the majority of the merge conflicts.
    • In the commit message of the merge, list the commits from upstream that are merged.
    • If you need to do make changes to the merged commits (outside of conflicts), do that work in separate commits. For example, if you need to revert commits, use git revert after committing the merge commit. This preserves the history and makes it clear why a change is being reverted rather than quietly changing it in the merge commit.
    • Check the changes introduced by your merge by doing a diff against the commit before the merge. The difference should be the same as the changes in the upstream.
  • Push the resulting merge commit with:

    (chroot) $ git push HEAD:refs/for/main