Revert "Enable CECPQ2 for domains eTLD+1s beginning with 'aa'."

This reverts commit 51dfb5a0e6c725136a3d4b06c92df5ace3287591.

Reason for revert: browser_tests is failing on LinuxCFI bot.

Failing tests:
- CECPQ2PolicyTest.CECPQ2EnabledPolicy
- CECPQ2PolicyTest.ChromeVariations

First failure:

Sample log:

Original change's description:
> Enable CECPQ2 for domains eTLD+1s beginning with 'aa'.
> While Finch experiments have been run and the problems are below the
> noise floor, some issues have been noted from the larger TLS messages
> used by CECPQ2. (See bug.) But all viable post-quantum key agreement
> algorithms need to put extra bytes in the ClientHello message, so we
> have to make the internet support this.
> I stopped a general rollout of this last year because it seemed like a
> bad idea during the beginning of COVID as people moved to working from
> home. This is the restart of that process and is limited, for now, to
> sites whose eTLD+1 begins with 'aa'.
> The policy CECPQ2Enabled is added to all this to be disabled. It is also
> automatically disabled if the ChromeVariations policy has been set to
> disable any Finch trials, as requested by the enterprise team.
> BUG=930812
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Bug: 930812
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