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$ git log 9a910e3de..0b20fdfd4 --date=short --no-merges --format='%ad %ae %s'
2019-08-21 rch Add missing include of <set> to qpack_decoder.h2019-08-21 rch Use the uint64_t specialization of std::min in to fix Chrome build breakage where size_t != uint64_t.
2019-08-21 bnc Enforce limit on number of blocked streams in QPACK decoder.
2019-08-21 fayang gfe-relnote: Remove QUIC version 44.
2019-08-21 quiche-dev gfe-relnote: change logs about window update frames from DLOG(INFO) to DVLOG(1).
2019-08-21 fayang gfe-relnote: Deprecate gfe2_reloadable_flag_quic_fix_packets_acked.
2019-08-21 renjietang Prevent QPACK streams from being created more than once.
2019-08-21 nharper gfe-relnote: Use new flag quic_enable_version_48_2 for QUIC_VERSION_48
2019-08-21 bnc Remove two obsolete TODOs from
2019-08-20 bnc Use dynamic table for QPACK encoding.
2019-08-20 bnc Feed header block in fragments in QPACK roundtrip fuzzer.
2019-08-20 fayang gfe-relnote: Add live check to QuicSpdySession. No functional change expected, not protected.
2019-08-20 renjietang Do not check config() when sending HTTP/3 SETTINGS frame.
2019-08-20 fayang gfe-relnote: In QUIC v48, support partial write of CRYPTO frames. Protected by existing gfe2_reloadable_flag_quic_enable_version_48.
2019-08-20 fkastenholz Add flag to QuicSession indicating that it has been configured
2019-08-19 wub gfe-relnote: Default-initialize QUIC BBRv2 loss event threshold for exiting STARTUP from a flag. Protected by --gfe2_reloadable_flag_quic_default_to_bbr_v2.

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