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  2. b3e7a7b [v8][wasm] Add a fuzzer for the async compilation pipeline. by Andreas Haas · 7 days ago
  3. 90e84a3 [libFuzzer] Recommend to use "gclient runhooks" instead of "gclient sync" for MSan. by mmoroz · 12 days ago
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libFuzzer in Chrome


This directory contains integration between libFuzzer and Chrome. libFuzzer is an in-process coverage-driven evolutionary fuzzer. It helps engineers to uncover potential security & stability problems earlier.

Requirements: libFuzzer in Chrome is supported with GN on Linux only. Check Reference for experimental platform availability.

Integration Status

Fuzzer tests are well-integrated with Chrome build system & distributed ClusterFuzz fuzzing system. Cover bug:


  • Getting Started Guide walks you through all the steps necessary to create your fuzzer and submit it to ClusterFuzz.
  • Efficient Fuzzer Guide explains how to measure fuzzer effectiveness and ways to improve it.
  • ClusterFuzz Integration describes integration between ClusterFuzz and libFuzzer.
  • Reproducing contains information on how to reproduce bugs reported by ClusterFuzz.
  • Reference contains detailed references for different integration parts.


  • ClusterFuzz Bugs - issues found and automatically filed by ClusterFuzz.
  • Manual Bugs - issues that were filed manually after running fuzzers.
  • Pdfium Bugs - bugs found in pdfium by manual fuzzing.
  • OSS Trophies - bugs found with libFuzzer in open-source projects.

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