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  1. 0202f71 bring back deleted folder by · 11 years ago master
  2. fac0a7b Make 'License' field in third-party metadata required by · 12 years ago
  3. b91648d Fixed stencil Test example. Writing to stencil buffer was getting disabled after the first frame. by · 13 years ago
  4. b3c4e3f Fixed Stencil test. by · 13 years ago
  5. 9ba5a96 Initialized variables passed to GL functions. Command buffer now only allows initialized variables unless it is compiled for native-client. We would need to exclude pepper plugins too. For now I have initialized the gpu demo variables. by · 13 years ago
  6. a8cdbe8 Remove the comments setting emands and vim tab width and expansion variables. by · 13 years ago
  7. 939bbe3 Cleaning up third_party readmes and adding a template for future use. by · 13 years ago
  8. 9372e22 Changes some of the dependencies to remove client side arrays. by · 13 years ago
  9. 2a29ac5 Moved the logic of maintaining the current context to gles2 helper library. by · 14 years ago
  10. a86b053 Add svn:ignore properties for most of the rest of the Chrome Linux checkout. by · 14 years ago
  11. 11a3fef Added EGL based GLContext. by · 14 years ago
  12. 95b2ef0 Manual Review: Adding a bunch of ignores for deps pulls and some project files by · 14 years ago
  13. 8f01ef6 Uncommented out precision statements now that glsl translator is enabled. This also fixes Pepper3D ui-test. by · 14 years ago
  14. eb38775 Pass tools/ for third_party/gles_book and third_party/glew. BUG=39242 by · 14 years ago
  15. 600c363 Add a bunch of entries to svn:ignore so we won't see so many .vcprojs and similar in svn status. by · 14 years ago
  16. a01b9b1 Changes necessary to compile gpu demos on linux. It is not functional yet just compiling. by · 14 years ago
  17. bc29c0f Commented out precision from shaders. These examples were done on my new desktop with latest nvidia drivers which does not complain about precision. But it does not compile on most other drivers. by · 15 years ago
  18. b293f27 Added stencil-test demo. by · 15 years ago
  19. 14ffbfc Added texture wrap demo. by · 15 years ago
  20. b4a86e1 Modified stencil test example to use VBOs instead of client-side vertex arrays. by · 15 years ago