[zlib][riscv] Implement generic chunk_copy

Back in 2017, Simon Hosie implemented chunk_copy for Arm using NEON
instructions, which was later ported to x86-64 by Noel Gordon.

The basic idea is to perform wide loads and stores while doing
data decompression (i.e. load a single wide vector instead of single byte).

The current chunk_copy can be easily ported to other architectures that use
fixed length vectors/registers, but doesn't scale so well for architectures
with varied vector lengths (e.g. Arm SVE or RISCV RVV 1.0).

In any case, it is possible to have a *generic* chunk_copy** relying on the
compiler builtins memcopy/memset and this patch introduces this functionality
in Chromium zlib.

One important detail is that chunk_copy was coded *before* read64le (an
optimization suggested by Nigel Tao that requires unaligned loads) and it is
a requirement for both read64le and unconditional decoding of literals
(suggested by Dougall Johnson).

The penalty of unaligned loads in read64le can actually negate the benefits of chunk_copy,
which is why we rely on clang flags to allow code generation that deals with
the issue.

The current patch yielded an average gain of +9.5% on a K230 board, with higher
gains for some important content like HTML (+16%) and source code (+11.6%).

** Link:

Bug: 329282661
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