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  1. c8bc461 Update Profile lifecycle histograms expiry by Nicolas Ouellet-Payeur · 23 minutes ago main
  2. 3e48f1e Roll Perfetto Trace Processor Win from 252f82591237 to cc5ec3610347 by chromium-autoroll · 3 hours ago
  3. ed70f0f Roll Perfetto Trace Processor Linux from 921140b855e4 to cc5ec3610347 by chromium-autoroll · 3 hours ago
  4. 8e31a81 [components]Add the access point ACCESS_POINT_ACCOUNT_SWITCHER by Arthur Milchior · 3 hours ago
  5. d092574 UMA tracking of total number of rendered pixels by Peter McNeeley · 4 hours ago
  6. 54263b7 Extend soft navigation histogram by Ian Clelland · 4 hours ago
  7. fb8cfc3 Roll Perfetto Trace Processor Linux from be07f9165636 to 921140b855e4 by chromium-autoroll · 4 hours ago
  8. 6388c7f Add more metrics around associate windows. by Sky Malice · 4 hours ago
  9. 226fcd2 [UPMLocalPwd] Add metrics recording errors of migration operations by Ioana Pandele · 5 hours ago
  10. c15502a Integrate custom buttons in share CCT by Hailey Wang · 5 hours ago
  11. 7705465 Update expiry of two LCP histograms. by Ian Clelland · 6 hours ago
  12. f5c2cc8 [Share CCT] Add flag for Share CCT custom actions by Hailey Wang · 6 hours ago
  13. 2b25078 Roll Perfetto Trace Processor Linux from 252f82591237 to be07f9165636 by chromium-autoroll · 6 hours ago
  14. 3cc2cc0 [BRP] Rewrite base::Frame::module to raw_ptr<> by Bartek Nowierski · 6 hours ago
  15. 065c0d3 [iOS] Add sign-out sources for the account menu. by Arthur Milchior · 6 hours ago
  16. b01f5bd Add UMA metrics to the cleanup orphaned IWAs command. by Giovanni Pezzino · 6 hours ago
  17. e71d784 kiosk: Extend histogram expiration dates to 2025-06-15 by Sergii Bykov · 7 hours ago
  18. 37bd8fd Extend some still-useful UMA histograms owned by saza@ by Sam Zackrisson · 8 hours ago
  19. 2105a05 [android-emulator] Roll gmscore to 24.22.13 in Android 34 emulator by Victor Hugo Vianna Silva · 8 hours ago
  20. 81e3caa Use longtimes for timefromparsetoforminteraction by Sophie Chang · 8 hours ago