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  1. 81a46f1 Build SkiaRenderer Dawn by default on Windows by Sean Gilhuly · 19 minutes ago master
  2. 40c7d89 Remove SessionMonitor, add ReceiverSetupQuerier by Jordan Bayles · 23 minutes ago
  3. 211c694 Add autocomplete to input field in dependency graph viewer by Henrique Nakashima · 50 minutes ago
  4. e6fd1d6 Roll Perfetto Trace Processor Win from af03db693872 to b66b830b89d9 by chromium-autoroll · 51 minutes ago
  5. b3a20e2 Remove expired Android.RecentTabsManager.* histograms by Theresa Wellington · 60 minutes ago
  6. e69ac6b Delete expired Tab.* histograms that pkotwicz@ owns by Peter Kotwicz · 84 minutes ago
  7. 45df67b 🍱 Add --ignore-subpackages to print_package_dependencies. by Peter E Conn · 2 hours ago
  8. 2736cb1 Improve the disambiguation sheet of default browser promo by Lijin Shen · 2 hours ago
  9. 5c5eb7e Drop aggregation config from PasswordForm.* and Autofill.FieldTypeValidation.*. by Robert Kaplow · 2 hours ago
  10. f13efc9 Roll Perfetto Trace Processor Linux from af03db693872 to b66b830b89d9 by chromium-autoroll · 3 hours ago
  11. ce659f9 GMC: Add chrome flag for Global Media Controls Overlay Controls. by Jazz Xu · 4 hours ago
  12. db8b674 mb: Set thin_lto_enable_optimizations on ToTLinuxThinLTO by Hans Wennborg · 5 hours ago
  13. 7a9439b Rename SafeBrowsingWhitelistDomains to SafeBrowsingAllowlistDomains by Owen Min · 5 hours ago
  14. 9d1fa2d Add favicon to dependency graph viewer by Henrique Nakashima · 5 hours ago
  15. 1154445 viz: Extend expiry for overlay strategy UMA. by Khushal Sagar · 5 hours ago
  16. db85952 Use the metric we've defined inside trace processor to compute the by Stephen Nusko · 7 hours ago
  17. be49a4d [CrOS] video_capture: set camera frame rotation in metadata by Ricky Liang · 9 hours ago
  18. 2ad0ca5 Revert "Parallelize fetching telemetry benchmark deps" by Corentin Wallez · 11 hours ago
  19. d4f0c42 BackForwardCache: Add UMA for CLS after back-forward cache restore by Hajime Hoshi · 11 hours ago
  20. c26b2ef Implement OnInputMethodOptionsUpdated API by Jing Wang · 14 hours ago