1. cdbb5fd Add store hours as feature in chrome://flags by Talal Jawaid · 9 minutes ago main master
  2. afa52c5 Roll Perfetto Trace Processor Win from 12799556c272 to 2b0fcfa349ac by chromium-autoroll · 24 minutes ago
  3. cf1df7e [VCN] Add metrics for virtual card metadata backend components. by Siyu An · 38 minutes ago
  4. a279779 CrOS: Networking: Update shill error messages by Steven Bennetts · 51 minutes ago
  5. ef1ab8d [Jank] Introduce Browser.Responsiveness.JankyIntervalsPerThirtySeconds3 by Gabriel Charette · 79 minutes ago
  6. 95469a4 [SCT Auditing] Add and update retry related metrics by Chris Thompson · 2 hours ago
  7. 6e04a01 scanning: Create Searchable PDF flag in scan app by Kyra Moed · 2 hours ago
  8. 45d2230 Remove old sharing flags by Kyle Milka · 2 hours ago
  9. 4811f81 Roll Perfetto Trace Processor Linux from 12799556c272 to 5fdd5351bf78 by chromium-autoroll · 2 hours ago
  10. aa41bf3 Implementation of lockscreen timer policies by Aya Elgendy · 3 hours ago
  11. 363dc86 Add iframe throttle flag to about_flags. by W. James MacLean · 3 hours ago
  12. e12cac4 [CodeHealth] Remove uses of ListValue::begin()/end() in /tools/json_schema_compiler. by David Bertoni · 3 hours ago
  13. 0d791da WebUI Download shelf: Add benchmark stories for WebUI case. by Yuheng Huang · 3 hours ago
  14. ba21c19 [Signin][Histogram] Extend expiry date of Signin.AndroidGetAccountsTime by Tanmoy Mollik · 4 hours ago
  15. 468e938 [omnibox] Add feature and flag for OmniboxPedalsBatch2NonEnglish by Orin Jaworski · 4 hours ago
  16. b3abf26 [feedback] initial skeleton WebUI for feedback tool new UX by Xiangdong Kong · 5 hours ago
  17. f6b2019 Roll Perfetto Trace Processor Win from f9fb009363e3 to 12799556c272 by chromium-autoroll · 5 hours ago
  18. 01454f2 [Sync] Extend histograms related to bookmark reupload by Rushan Suleymanov · 5 hours ago
  19. 75e92f4 Roll Perfetto Trace Processor Mac from f9fb009363e3 to 12799556c272 by chromium-autoroll · 5 hours ago
  20. c2699a6 Add xidachen@ as a metrics owner by Xida Chen · 5 hours ago
  21. 6809127 Adds linux-lacros-version-skew-fyi builder by Sven Zheng · 6 hours ago
  22. 2777286 Roll Perfetto Trace Processor Linux from f9fb009363e3 to 12799556c272 by chromium-autoroll · 6 hours ago
  23. 4ee0e6b Tab Search: fix benchmark story failure by Yuheng Huang · 6 hours ago
  24. c8d73da Update ownership and units of catan-team metrics by Joe Mason · 6 hours ago
  25. e583785 [Build] Optimize lookup_dep.py by Peter Kotwicz · 10 hours ago
  26. 3db1ed1 Report fetch error codes for extensions stuck in DOWNLOADING stage by Swapnil · 13 hours ago
  27. ae79d6e Revert "tools/perf: Disable blink_perf.shadow_dom/imperative-api-assigned-slot.html" by Eric Seckler · 13 hours ago
  28. e403b44 Roll Perfetto Trace Processor Mac from b1a6a6e1ae36 to f9fb009363e3 by chromium-autoroll · 15 hours ago
  29. 8f19ec8 Roll Perfetto Trace Processor Win from 9d7fd31b5033 to f9fb009363e3 by chromium-autoroll · 17 hours ago
  30. 9df7b0a VCD: Add ForceEnableFaceAe flag by mojahsu · 18 hours ago
  31. ec7a81c Reland "[omnibox] Add setting to control keyword activation methods" by Angela Yoeurng · 18 hours ago
  32. 97ed9e3 Move mainframe request_had_cookies UKM to PageLoad by rajendrant · 18 hours ago
  33. 1e19153 Roll Perfetto Trace Processor Linux from b1a6a6e1ae36 to f9fb009363e3 by chromium-autoroll · 20 hours ago
  34. 7706954 Roll Perfetto Trace Processor Mac from 9d7fd31b5033 to b1a6a6e1ae36 by chromium-autoroll · 20 hours ago
  35. 77ec180 Roll Perfetto Trace Processor Linux from 9d7fd31b5033 to b1a6a6e1ae36 by chromium-autoroll · 21 hours ago
  36. 3764c0c Narrow usage of UTF8ToUTF16 in generated .cc files. by Peter Kasting · 22 hours ago
  37. b6c7c4d [iOS][UKM] Log when Chromium is the default browser by Javier Ernesto Flores Robles · 22 hours ago
  38. f956c16 Implementation for loading a Client Side Phishing model over component updater by Daniel Rubery · 23 hours ago
  39. c09fdf1 [reclient] Incremental builders on 32-core bots. by Michael Savigny · 23 hours ago
  40. 2cb6cdf Add metric to record when the user changes their device image by Jason Thai · 23 hours ago
  41. b607cb5 Compute Pressure API: Initial implementation without platform support. by Olivier Yiptong · 23 hours ago
  42. 0255541 Opt pages using extension messaging out of using back/forward cache. by Dave Tapuska · 24 hours ago
  43. 761866e Lacros: Fix Lacros builder gn args by Yuke Liao · 24 hours ago
  44. e0dbea2 Image fetcher: Extend expiration date for metric CacheMetadataCount. by Xing Liu · 24 hours ago
  45. dc33650 Extend SB2.Download* histograms and transfer ownership by Xinghui Lu · 24 hours ago
  46. 7b32aa8 Harmonize WebUITabStrip Histogram Expiration Dates by Robert Liao · 24 hours ago
  47. 72a1206 Use a feature instead of switch for dictation listening. by Katie Dektar · 25 hours ago
  48. 5b9c580 Add dewittj@ to metrics reviewers. by Justin DeWitt · 25 hours ago
  49. e533d1a [power] Add Power.CpuAffinityExperiments.ProcessAffinityMode histogram by Oksana Zhuravlova · 25 hours ago
  50. bd58706 Adding a chrome://flags for the Translate intent. by Josh Simmons · 25 hours ago
  51. 86de0c7 [reclient] Fix 32-core goma comparison builder. by Michael Savigny · 25 hours ago
  52. bca3ecc Remove frame_messages.h includes. by Dave Tapuska · 25 hours ago
  53. 14cbff6 [net] Remove expired histograms DiskCache.BlockLoad* and DiskCache.Blocks* by Francois Doray · 26 hours ago
  54. 40b01df Extend the UMA for some query tiles metrics by Min Qin · 26 hours ago
  55. b0604db [Code Health] Remove uses of Value::CreateDeepCopy() by Austin Sullivan · 26 hours ago
  56. 5143fd0 Media notification: Use activity trampoline for Android S. by Xing Liu · 26 hours ago
  57. db93645 [power] Add Power.PowerScheduler.ProcessPowerModeChange histograms by Oksana Zhuravlova · 27 hours ago
  58. c7f0bc5 🐻 [Pandora] Handle sync screen completion by Tina Wang · 27 hours ago
  59. f79c2ea Privacy Sandbox Settings: Add phase 2 flag by sauski · 28 hours ago
  60. 6ff1c4d PowerMode: Add kLoadingAnimation mode by Eric Seckler · 28 hours ago
  61. c1b3901 [Tools] Make lookup_dep.py handle prebuilt targets by Peter Kotwicz · 28 hours ago
  62. 3924ccb [iOS][Default Promo][Metrics] Add action histogram for quick analysis by Javier Ernesto Flores Robles · 28 hours ago
  63. 3d215d4 [Translate Metrics] Removed the extra Trigger Decision UMA histograms. by Max Curran · 29 hours ago
  64. 527698e [Sanitizer API] Implement .config() and .defaultConfig(). by Daniel Vogelheim · 29 hours ago
  65. a1625ca tools/perf: Disable blink_perf.shadow_dom/imperative-api-assigned-slot.html by Eric Seckler · 29 hours ago
  66. 0739b6d [Histogram owners] Add jsaul as Autofill histogram owner by Jared Saul · 29 hours ago
  67. b36d3c2 [Autofill Assistant] Record metrics for deeplink url and fix issues. by Clemens Arbesser · 29 hours ago
  68. 2a89d35 Add option to autotest.py to not use Android test wrappers. by Olivier Li · 30 hours ago
  69. b7d6e73 [Autofill Assistant] Prepare starter for in-chrome triggering. by Clemens Arbesser · 31 hours ago
  70. fd334de PreviewTab: Remove some histogram entries by Jinsuk Kim · 31 hours ago
  71. 5b8ade1 Update permissions policy script for new enum name by Adrienne Walker · 32 hours ago
  72. ddf6848 tools/perf: Disable loading.desktop/Economist benchmarks by Eric Seckler · 32 hours ago
  73. 280ca58 tools/perf: Disable desktop_ui/tab_search benchmarks by Eric Seckler · 32 hours ago
  74. 3916960 Prolong AffiliationBackend AffiliationFetcher histograms by Viktor Semeniuk · 32 hours ago
  75. cffe997 Use single codepath to record SendTabToSelf.*.ClickResult by Victor Hugo Vianna Silva · 34 hours ago
  76. fcbdc82 [Web Bluetooth] Add `manufacturerData` filter when requesting device by François Beaufort · 36 hours ago
  77. b94041f handwriting: add MeasureAs to track feature usage by Jiewei Qian · 2 days ago
  78. 5770a07 Measure sw fallback reasons for RTC DecoderStream by Frank Liberato · 2 days ago
  79. 73247f3 [Benchmark] Replace "master" with "main" in URLs by John Chen · 2 days ago
  80. 99a8ace dpwa: Add kDesktopPWAsNotificationIconAndTitle feature flag. by Alexey Baskakov · 2 days ago
  81. d97a874 Log Accessibility serialization and unserialization time taken. by Jacques Newman · 2 days ago
  82. 147ddf8 Calculator key: Support opening calculator by Zentaro Kavanagh · 2 days ago
  83. 48b65e5 Add app running duration percentage metrics. by Nancy Wang · 2 days ago
  84. 533eb77 Introduce an admin policy to control 3DES by David Benjamin · 2 days ago
  85. d5a4457 [reclient] Add TSAN 32 core builders. by Michael Savigny · 2 days ago
  86. 3c53802 Update the expiry date of InputMethod.Assistive.NotAllowed by Jing Wang · 2 days ago
  87. e9a3c57 Mark WebApk.Session.TotalDuration2 as always needing a suffix by Mark Pearson · 2 days ago
  88. cfabad3 Add histograms for mouse wheel scroll settings in Windows by Shawn Pickett · 2 days ago
  89. db78a50 [Offline Measurements] Added a check for the user's current activity to by Max Curran · 2 days ago
  90. 0fb80c8 Extend expiry of some UMA histograms by Yue Ru Sun · 2 days ago
  91. 7db7aa4 Update Assistant.ButtonClickCount histogram expiry. by Meilin Wang · 2 days ago
  92. 5e27484 [Perf] Fix summaryHtml sent to Result Sink by John Chen · 2 days ago
  93. 74f563e Update Luci test results format link by Shengfa Lin · 2 days ago
  94. a8c90a8 [CrOS Cellular] Splitting ConnectionSuccess to All and UserInitated. by Regan Hsu · 2 days ago
  95. 881a504 [Perf] Regenerate benchmark.csv and system_health_stories.csv by John Chen · 2 days ago
  96. cddeb65 Introduce the Renderer.ProcessLifetime metric by Olivier Li · 2 days ago
  97. 69f5f38 CodeHealth: Remove use of Value::GetAsBoolean by Ayu Ishii · 2 days ago
  98. bc3ca28 Add ChromeVox tutorial link in a11y settings for discoverability. by Akihiro Ota · 2 days ago
  99. 00cd8b7 Disable system_health.memory_desktop/long_running:tools:gmail on mac by Ryan Heise · 2 days ago
  100. deaf984 [Survey] Update survey related histogram expiry dates by Wenyu Fu · 2 days ago