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  1. 26bf372 media: Rename Media.EME.NeedKey UMA to Media.EME.EncryptedEvent by Xiaohan Wang · 20 hours ago master
  2. d3ab020 [tab_under] Simplify visibility metrics and add a new one by Charles Harrison · 23 hours ago
  3. feb7276 Dispatch custom tab intents sent to .Main activity alias. by Dmitry Skiba · 23 hours ago
  4. a666929 fuchsia: put fyi name back to plain Fuchsia by Scott Graham · 24 hours ago
  5. 694a0f5 Disables DataReductionProxyDecidesTransfrom by default for Desktop by Doug Arnett · 25 hours ago
  6. 329df5c fuchsia: Renaming src side of fuchsia bots, part 5 by Scott Graham · 25 hours ago
  7. 2332b0e Add MB, test configs for new CrOS builders. by Dirk Pranke · 26 hours ago
  8. dfad54a CSS: Use counter for negative brightness filter by Eric Willigers · 26 hours ago
  9. 498f7a5 Add docs link for GooglePlayErrorCode. by Xi Han · 27 hours ago
  10. 4306565 DNR: Introduce RulesetMatcher to hold an extension ruleset. by Karan Bhatia · 28 hours ago
  11. ceab715 //tools/perf: Use trigger script in OBBS tester by Stephen Martinis · 30 hours ago
  12. 6d5382c Adding a histogram for recording variations seed processing time. by Gayane Petrosyan · 30 hours ago
  13. 4b59ba6 Add metric to record total file size for parallelizable download. by Xing Liu · 31 hours ago
  14. 2593bc9 [cfi-icall] Refactor SetTestingFactory methods by Vlad Tsyrklevich · 31 hours ago
  15. 899e432 Fix by Vlad Tsyrklevich · 32 hours ago
  16. 0cd6804 Add histogram checking to the integration test for hijacked secure by Tarun Bansal · 32 hours ago
  17. 1fdf07e Added UserActivationState to replace Frame's sticky state. by Mustaq Ahmed · 32 hours ago
  18. fa0191e Don't emit unnecessary output from tools/perf/conditionally_execute by Daniel Cheng · 32 hours ago
  19. 7d9f770 [subresource_filter] Remove SubresourceFilter.PageLoad.BlockedPopups by Charles Harrison · 33 hours ago
  20. 424c10d Enable some clang plugin checks in Blink behind a flag by Daniel Cheng · 34 hours ago