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  1. 5b61eec Add isolate-everything command to by erikchen · 32 minutes ago master
  2. f487e4e Update Memory.RendererProcessCount description. by Alex Moshchuk · 70 minutes ago
  3. cc073b1 Record discarded state in TabActivityWatcher. by Charles Zhao · 3 hours ago
  4. 6aa0fe5 Add remaining LE credential histograms by Prashant Malani · 4 hours ago
  5. e99d4b0 Add mac-cocoa-rel trybot config by Lindsay Pasricha · 4 hours ago
  6. d21a287 Roll src/third_party/boringssl/src 6b0d82229..01e8e625a by Steven Valdez · 4 hours ago
  7. 2e9c375 Reland "Remove pre-installed demo mode resources on low disk space" by Toni Barzic · 5 hours ago
  8. c33979e Add Blink.DecodedImage.JpegDensity metric reporting JPEG bits per pixel size. by Alex Deymo · 5 hours ago
  9. 3d31f8d grit: Replace current resource whitelisting implementation with a better one. by Peter Collingbourne · 7 hours ago
  10. 5d3c65b Add 'android-builder-perf' to mb_config by Ned Nguyen · 8 hours ago
  11. 07c6605 Added the --gtest_filter flag in by Stephan Stross · 9 hours ago
  12. 8d2570a Update perf_data_generator to also generate benchmark tags into tools/perf/benchmark.csv by Ned Nguyen · 10 hours ago
  13. 45aa438 Avoid Adding Field Trial Flags If Flag is Set. by Leonard Ge · 11 hours ago
  14. 99abc33 Android: Add explanation for by Peter Wen · 12 hours ago
  15. 445bd4e [tools/perf] Disable consistently failing stories on Pixel 2 by Juan Antonio Navarro Perez · 13 hours ago
  16. 7d9b0a3 Revert "Remove pre-installed demo mode resources on low disk space" by Findit · 14 hours ago
  17. 4f5b9cf benchmarks/startup_mobile: scaling governor tweaks by Egor Pasko · 16 hours ago
  18. b4506e7 Revert "Fix the JS dialog dismissal cause" by Friedrich Horschig · 16 hours ago
  19. 129abba Disable v8.browsing_desktop*/browse:social:facebook_infinite_scroll on win 10 by Ned Nguyen · 18 hours ago
  20. 16bccf4 Remove pre-installed demo mode resources on low disk space by Toni Barzic · 19 hours ago