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  1. 0739739 [SuperSize] Linker map parser: Add CFI support. by Samuel Huang · 11 minutes ago master
  2. 6f0729c Revert "cygprofile: Temporarily re-enable legacy orderfile." by Benoit L · 17 minutes ago
  3. 9843e0d [soundwave] Move WebView bot in health_study out of Fyi by Juan Antonio Navarro Perez · 23 minutes ago
  4. 51f8070 cygprofile: Temporarily re-enable legacy orderfile. by Benoît Lizé · 5 hours ago
  5. 879a0ce omnibox: add "show placeholder when caret is showing" experiment to about:flags by Dan Beam · 13 hours ago
  6. 81fe2f4 Deprecate some unused HTTP/2 histograms. by Bence Béky · 14 hours ago
  7. e438fd4 [code coverage] Make linux-coverage-rel use the same gn args as linux-rel by Yuke Liao · 15 hours ago
  8. 536ed01 Disable testRasterizeAndRecordMicro on linux by Tsuyoshi Horo · 15 hours ago
  9. 0542004 Extend expiry date for Apps.AppListAppTypeClicked. by Paul Dyson · 15 hours ago
  10. 615a02f [Cellular] Add metrics for activation status and time to connected. by Azeem Arshad · 15 hours ago
  11. fe946df Delete and Deschedule wasm benchmark. by Caleb Rouleau · 16 hours ago
  12. 730bfe1 android: fix sizes and resource_sizes json output. by John Budorick · 16 hours ago
  13. fc05bd6 Add flag to chrome://flags for "Cookies without SameSite must be secure" by Lily Chen · 16 hours ago
  14. 2be9234 Add percent and aggregate sorting on coverage report columns. by Abhishek Arya · 17 hours ago
  15. a34879f Add UMA metric to track the percentage of hidden tabs that are frozen by Aditya Keerthi · 18 hours ago
  16. 668b062 Add a feature flag for send_tab_to_self::kSendTabToSelfWhenSignedIn by Travis Skare · 18 hours ago
  17. 869c8df Extend expiration of PasswordManager.TimeBetweenStoreAndServer by Dominic Battre · 18 hours ago
  18. 4c9468b Update the expiry date of the SR.BackgroundUseCaseTabCount histograms. by Sebastien Marchand · 18 hours ago
  19. 5af9e9e Implement a feature allowing to add all missing URLs to the WPR archive by Sergiy Belozorov · 20 hours ago
  20. 3e8af58 Default to reuse option when branch name looks like one created by the script by Sergiy Belozorov · 20 hours ago