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  1. 5f6eb95 [CustomUserTiming] Add histogram to count parameters of Performance-Measure by Liquan (Max) Gu · 13 minutes ago master
  2. 1926acf Add Nexus 5X chromium.gpu bot to mb_config.pyl. by Kenneth Russell · 49 minutes ago
  3. 8c6129f Enable OpenVR devices behind a runtime flag on Windows by Bill Orr · 2 hours ago
  4. a7607d1 [Sync] Remove entity DCHECKs from LoopbackServer. by Sky Malice · 3 hours ago
  5. d1dd548 Modify resource IDs to create room for new print preview files by rbpotter · 4 hours ago
  6. 559616f Renaming flag from samba -> smb by Bailey Berro · 4 hours ago
  7. 37321c9 VR: Dynamically load GVR Keyboard implementation by Yash Malik · 4 hours ago
  8. d48d786 [Media Router] Add UMA metrics for recording wired display sink count by Takumi Fujimoto · 4 hours ago
  9. f35952e Revert "Roll clang 317263:318369." by Hans Wennborg · 4 hours ago
  10. 7e1552e Add support for locking display of in-product help. by Tommy Nyquist · 6 hours ago
  11. 173ebd0 Compress shared WebUI resource files by Reilly Grant · 7 hours ago
  12. 1b6d0d8 [Home] Add metrics for swipe velocity on bottom sheet by Matthew Jones · 7 hours ago
  13. b2adc7e benchmarks: Add an experimental TBMv2 benchmark for startup on Android by Egor Pasko · 7 hours ago
  14. 7cb808f Fix <owner> elements to include one owner in histograms.xml by Hajime Hoshi · 8 hours ago
  15. 0589ffa Measure the schemes of alerting pages. by Avi Drissman · 8 hours ago
  16. 12a5f4c Trying to green the obbs bot by Ashley Enstad · 8 hours ago
  17. b045e28 [Clang] Add script. by Samuel Huang · 9 hours ago
  18. 815b1a4 Re-land: Split the accessible combo box role into three roles. by Dominic Mazzoni · 10 hours ago
  19. 2680412 Log time spent in customtab for Webapp and WebApk by Ran Ji · 11 hours ago
  20. bc58a35 Revert "Disable failing blink_perf.canvas stories on Webview too" by rnephew · 11 hours ago