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  1. ba1d086 Revert "[code coverage] Run corpus in parallel for fuzzer targets." by Shuotao Gao · 51 minutes ago master
  2. 07c89a4 [libfuzzer] Add new builders for linux32 by Michael Achenbach · 3 hours ago
  3. b118696 Copy timing data of pixel2-webview to android-go-webview and use them to reshard android-go-webview bot by Ned Nguyen · 3 hours ago
  4. 1bff7be [SuperSize] MapFileParserLld: Extract mutiple symbosl from Level 3 lines. by Samuel Huang · 4 hours ago
  5. d359ef5 [perf] Disable superseded v8.browsing_desktop-future benchmarks by Camillo Bruni · 7 hours ago
  6. 7da6842 [tools/perf] Disable flaky stories on pixel2_webview by Juan Antonio Navarro Perez · 8 hours ago
  7. e48d182 Fix timeout tests in leak detector by Yuzu Saijo · 12 hours ago
  8. a5b5e72 [Passwords] Fix Recording and Logging of UserActions by jdoerrie · 13 hours ago
  9. e453e44 Remove chrome.filesystem.observeDirectory and friends. by Sam McNally · 18 hours ago
  10. bb10c05 macOS V2 Sandbox: Add feature for GPU sandbox. by Greg Kerr · 18 hours ago
  11. 45e1a26 Initial logging for TopCat. by Paul Dyson · 19 hours ago
  12. 0d6446c [TTS] Record the Ranker score to UKM. by Donn Denman · 20 hours ago
  13. 0b114fb Add histogram recording how often the download whitelist is ready by Daniel Rubery · 20 hours ago
  14. 187c8ab Add feature flag for CryptAuth v2 Enrollment by Josh Nohle · 22 hours ago
  15. 3f7e8a1 [code coverage] Run corpus in parallel for fuzzer targets. by Shuotao Gao · 24 hours ago
  16. df7de56 tools/mb: Add Linux Goma RBE ToT builder to config by Simon Que · 26 hours ago
  17. 44adbe7 Remove linked_ptr from random bits of Chromium. by Avi Drissman · 26 hours ago
  18. cd75b5c Add WEBGL_multi_draw perf test by Austin Eng · 27 hours ago
  19. 865ec21 Reland "[BrowserSwitcher] Add BrowserSwitcherExternalSitelistUrl policy" by Nicolas Ouellet-payeur · 28 hours ago
  20. 620f1d3 Chrome Cleanup Tool: update UI and behavior of the logs reporting option by proberge · 29 hours ago