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  1. 0da2501 IdleWakeups: enable filtering by process ID by Jesse McKenna · 59 minutes ago master
  2. 5feda90 Ad metrics: Remove PeakWindowStartTime2 histograms. by Cammie Smith Barnes · 60 minutes ago
  3. a25badc SuperSize: Align mojo canned query between caspian / by Andrew Grieve · 2 hours ago
  4. cbcb407 Remove cast_messages.* by Dave Tapuska · 2 hours ago
  5. cf2bcba Reland "Emit a UKM event on client connection to a ServiceWorker" by Alex Turner · 3 hours ago
  6. a466441 Cleanup: remove code related to unused Discover App by Denis Kuznetsov · 3 hours ago
  7. 66f6a3e [Nearby] Put use of WebRTC behind a flag by Josh Nohle · 3 hours ago
  8. dbc3b1f Remove expired histogram: Event.FrameEventRouting.NoGestureTarget by W. James MacLean · 3 hours ago
  9. f0bc04e Convert from storing lowest BrowsingInstanceID to keeping all in a set. by W. James MacLean · 3 hours ago
  10. 69d56ae Cleanup expired histogram: Event.FrameEventRouting.TouchEventAckQueueSize. by W. James MacLean · 3 hours ago
  11. ad7d479 Remove MimeHandlerViewUMA* types. by W. James MacLean · 5 hours ago
  12. 5d50640 [ios] Preparation for simplifying fat builds by Sylvain Defresne · 6 hours ago
  13. f448e7f Remove expiring DevTools UMA: DevTools.ComputedStyleGrouping by Changhao Han · 8 hours ago
  14. b7f12dc CSS parsing of scrollbar-width by Felipe Erias · 10 hours ago
  15. 304e7e0 Roll Perfetto Trace Processor Mac from 9606cffa66d0 to c4af5cd3397d by chromium-autoroll · 11 hours ago
  16. 6cb9844 WebRTC: Extend lifetime of echo canceller metrics by Sam Zackrisson · 11 hours ago
  17. 6a60e57 Roll Perfetto Trace Processor Linux from 9606cffa66d0 to c4af5cd3397d by chromium-autoroll · 11 hours ago
  18. 2d58144 WebRTC: Mark some echo cancellation metrics obsolete by Sam Zackrisson · 12 hours ago
  19. 36d19f1 Deprecate histogram FCMInvalidations.ResetClientIDStatus by Marc Treib · 13 hours ago
  20. 9154551 blink: Add absl::variant to the blink symbol allowlist by David Van Cleve · 13 hours ago