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  1. afb9372 [SB Delayed Warnings] Undelay the warning on paste by Mustafa Emre Acer · 20 minutes ago master
  2. b561482 [Extensions Metrics] Un-expire Extensions.InstallPrompt.Type2 by Devlin Cronin · 62 minutes ago
  3. 6cc797b DPWA: extend error metrics expiration to M90 by phillis · 79 minutes ago
  4. b77946c Update Language and Translate UMA owners and expiration by Megan Jablonski · 2 hours ago
  5. 2324a48 Remove expiring StaleHostResolver metrics by Eric Orth · 2 hours ago
  6. e557fee Media Capabilities: add metrics for end to end processing time of decodingInfo(). by Mounir Lamouri · 2 hours ago
  7. 7858d8c [scroll-animations] Add animation-timeline property behind flag by Anders Hartvoll Ruud · 2 hours ago
  8. 80e2a51 Roll Perfetto Trace Processor Linux from 84515482ba9a to 6049cc3934c0 by chromium-autoroll · 2 hours ago
  9. a98c57f network-health: add service and make network_ui a client by Trent Begin · 2 hours ago
  10. 5e79770 Exposes Select-to-Speak setting to shade background content. by Katie D · 2 hours ago
  11. 6162729 Issue 975061: Reenable Media.Remoting.* histograms by Jordan Bayles · 2 hours ago
  12. 8b26d2e Append |.get()| to: auto* var_ptr = my_struct.ptr_field; by Lukasz Anforowicz · 2 hours ago
  13. d54aa8f emoji: Add metric to histograms.xml and enums.xml. by Darren Shen · 2 hours ago
  14. f248f17 Using |.get()| in conditional operator results. by Lukasz Anforowicz · 3 hours ago
  15. bebbcca Ignore non-translateable strings from translation screenshot presubmit by Mustafa Emre Acer · 3 hours ago
  16. c7a4bf2 Roll Perfetto Trace Processor Win from 84515482ba9a to 6049cc3934c0 by chromium-autoroll · 3 hours ago
  17. c84367d FontAccess: FontMetadata::blob returns full file bytes by Olivier Yiptong · 3 hours ago
  18. 1137787 LoadingMetrics: Add UMAs for FinalRequestStart, FinalResponseStart, and FinalLoaderCallback by Hiroki Nakagawa · 3 hours ago
  19. e4f714b [Android] Add more AppRestrictionLoadTime histograms by Theresa Wellington · 4 hours ago
  20. 4f725c6 Rewriting |const_cast<...>(s.ptr_field)| into |...s.ptr_field.get()...|. by Lukasz Anforowicz · 4 hours ago