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  1. 5f414d8 Expose close all functionality through the private API. by April Zhou · 18 minutes ago main
  2. f2b98de [Focusgroup] Integrate the origin trials framework in Focusgroup flag by Benjamin Beaudry · 56 minutes ago
  3. 2a86bb6 Shimless: create a flag for the OS Update page by Anton Swifton · 2 hours ago
  4. 5f786be CrOS: add zram incompressible activity by Alex Gimenez · 5 hours ago
  5. b5c7fc0 Roll Perfetto Trace Processor Win from d1cb81f2aa43 to 5e0d3dbcc005 by chromium-autoroll · 5 hours ago
  6. b71bd84 Revert "[Adaptive charging] Add testing functionality for developer" by Findit · 6 hours ago
  7. 4651d19 [Adaptive charging] Add testing functionality for developer by Thanh Nguyen · 6 hours ago
  8. ad46c0a Roll Perfetto Trace Processor Mac from d1cb81f2aa43 to 5e0d3dbcc005 by chromium-autoroll · 6 hours ago
  9. 727fdf7 Add M103 by Andrew Grieve · 7 hours ago
  10. efe0a0f Update histogram expiries by Siyu An · 7 hours ago
  11. 07c1a03 Record script scheduling type per page by Minoru Chikamune · 7 hours ago
  12. bed3ce9 Roll Perfetto Trace Processor Linux from d1cb81f2aa43 to 5e0d3dbcc005 by chromium-autoroll · 7 hours ago
  13. 559131b Add Cache Transparency UKMs by Nidhi Jaju · 7 hours ago
  14. 9be9f90 Add about:flags entry for "hide continue section" feature by James Cook · 7 hours ago
  15. c31d5a4 [VCN] Add GetDetailsForEnrollment request latency logging by Siyu An · 8 hours ago
  16. 181dea5 Update expiry of IOS.Snapshots.ImageSize by Ali Juma · 9 hours ago
  17. c19b100 Fix enum histograms using units. by Sky Malice · 9 hours ago
  18. 0560095 Reland "Implement new design for CHIPS OT and delete old design" by Dylan Cutler · 9 hours ago
  19. e9c98cd profiler: ChromeOS: Allow stack copy buffer to be discarded. by Ian Barkley-Yeung · 10 hours ago
  20. 546604c Don't measure tab switch time on Mac with parent layer compositors by Joe Mason · 10 hours ago