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  1. f8d39dd [Extensions Bindings] Support ArrayBufferView in idl files by rdevlin.cronin · 85 minutes ago master
  2. 7b0d074 DevTools: add metrics for coverage start by Andrey Kosyakov · 2 hours ago
  3. 9ad9cbb Add 'Updated just now' timestamp to the Previews infobar by megjablon · 3 hours ago
  4. 7958d8b supersize: Fix crash when printing diff subgroups by agrieve · 3 hours ago
  5. 80888e6 Disable service worker perf test story by Stephen Martinis · 4 hours ago
  6. 89e96b3 Disable stories for blink_perf.shadow_dom by Stephen Martinis · 4 hours ago
  7. 6c03411 Deschedule memory.desktop on android perf bots. by Stephen Martinis · 5 hours ago
  8. 110af8e Disable two stories in blink_perf.bindings by Stephen Martinis · 6 hours ago
  9. 675cb3b Remove support for downloading gold plugin. by pcc · 6 hours ago
  10. b422086 UMA for the Stale Previews timestamp by megjablon · 7 hours ago
  11. d80ac92 Revert "Fix a bug in `gn analyze` for host-only file mods." by Dirk Pranke · 7 hours ago
  12. c0f3be0 Revert "Use GpuMemoryBuffers for OffscreenCanvas" by Khushal · 9 hours ago
  13. c80e86c tools/binary_size: Fix broken link in README by agrieve · 9 hours ago
  14. 413de3c History init: add metrics and skip migration. by Brett Wilson · 9 hours ago
  15. a92c768 Grouped diffs. by estevenson · 10 hours ago
  16. fe937cf Add a symlink called lld-link to the clang package. by thakis · 11 hours ago
  17. 8d68ea5 Image Capture: add a feature flag to ease debugging on the field by Miguel Casas-Sanchez · 11 hours ago
  18. a5ec059 Foundation for recording UKMs for the Password Manager by Dominic Battre · 12 hours ago
  19. adf5c73 IDL parser: Ignore comments by Kenichi Ishibashi · 15 hours ago
  20. 341afc5 customtabs: Update the benchmark app for hidden tab benchmarking. by lizeb · 17 hours ago