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  1. 5277d55 //tools/perf: Update benchmark sharding by Stephen Martinis · 89 minutes ago master
  2. 8d35c55 Detect HDR capability by hubbe · 2 hours ago
  3. a82f1cd tools/gn: write out the required version of ninja by Thiago Farina · 2 hours ago
  4. ac0cc65 Rather than simply relying on file extension (e.g. .DMG) to determine whether to extract DMG features from download, instead look at file metadata to check for existence of 'koly' signature which identifies Mac archive types. by mortonm · 2 hours ago
  5. 117d8fa [Telemetry] Disable Facebook story in benchmark on nexus7v2 bots. by rnephew · 3 hours ago
  6. 5374221 Revert "[system health] Disable browse:chrome:newtab story" by siddhartha sivakumar · 4 hours ago
  7. 758ca40 Remove myself from V8 histograms by Jochen Eisinger · 4 hours ago
  8. d0bcb01 [Telemetry] Disable blink_perf.svg failing stories on Nexus 5x. by rnephew · 4 hours ago
  9. d64effc Mark unused input histograms as obsolete. by tdresser · 5 hours ago
  10. cf3beb8 Fix browse:chrome:newtab story by ssid · 6 hours ago
  11. 259972b Mark system_health.memory_desktop as disabled on android by Stephen Martinis · 7 hours ago
  12. e5f084d Attempt to re-enable smoothness.maps on Windows. by kbr · 8 hours ago
  13. b4b4aeb Adding names to stories in unittests by ashleymarie · 8 hours ago
  14. 3bf8583 Re-enable the webrtcRenderingMetric. by Edward Lemur · 11 hours ago
  15. b2302e5 Remove from simple_mobile_sites by Dave Tapuska · 12 hours ago
  16. ebe90f3 service worker: Use unique bad message IDs by Matt Falkenhagen · 15 hours ago
  17. 74bff38 customtabs: Add support for speculated_url in the benchmark scripts. by lizeb · 16 hours ago
  18. 01c6fd4 Fix gn typo by brucedawson · 19 hours ago
  19. 9b04604 Break down Net.WebSocket.ErrorCodes by localhost by ricea · 21 hours ago
  20. 972ee07 IDL parser: Remove outdated number comments by Kenichi Ishibashi · 2 days ago