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  1. 43833c8 remove copybara initialization artifacts by Brett Wilson · 6 months ago master
  2. e3bb9e8 Copybara Service Migration Initialization. by Brett Wilson · 6 months ago
  3. 1d7ebc4 Roll GN from 9499562d..5ed3c9cc by Brett Wilson · 11 months ago
  4. d398000 Roll GN from fd3d768b..9499562d by Andrew Grieve · 12 months ago
  5. 1404d10 Add cxa_thread_atexit.cpp to gn bootstrap libc++abi by Tom Anderson · 12 months ago

GN now lives at

To roll the latest version of GN into Chromium:

  1. Create a new Git branch.
  2. Run python tools/gn/; this will modify //DEPS and //buildtools/DEPS to point to the most recent revision of GN and create a commit with a list of the changes included in the roll.
  3. Run git-cl upload to upload the commit as a change for review.

If you don't want to roll to the latest version, you can specify the SHA-1 to roll to use as an argument to the script, and it will be used instead.