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  1. 2f38b69 Revert "Revert "Add new gn arg for Linux builds on chromium.perf"" by Stephen Martinis · 8 hours ago master
  2. f167fe4 Switch "CFI Linux Full" to the same config as linux_chromium_cfi_rel_ng. by pcc · 12 hours ago
  3. 347ed4c buildbots: Enable DCHECK on RandomOrder bots. by tansell · 24 hours ago
  4. 9e54b68 Elim x86-generic from chromium.chromiumos waterfall by stevenjb · 25 hours ago
  5. 83de58d mb: Disable is_official_build on "Android Cronet Builder Asan" builder. by pcc · 30 hours ago

MB - The Meta-Build wrapper

MB is a simple wrapper intended to provide a uniform interface to either GYP or GN, such that users and bots can call one script and not need to worry about whether a given bot is meant to use GN or GYP.

It supports two main functions:

  1. “gen” - the main gyp_chromium / gn gen invocation that generates the Ninja files needed for the build.

  2. “analyze” - the step that takes a list of modified files and a list of desired targets and reports which targets will need to be rebuilt.

We also use MB as a forcing function to collect all of the different build configurations that we actually support for Chromium builds into one place, in //tools/mb/mb_config.pyl.

For more information, see: