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# This is the config to teach libcst about this project. To run libcst, use
# contrib/libcst_tool. For more information, see the libcst documentation:
# String that LibCST should look for in code which indicates that the
# module is generated code.
generated_code_marker: 'DO NOT EDIT'
# Command line and arguments for invoking a code formatter. Anything
# specified here must be capable of taking code via stdin and returning
# formatted code via stdout.
# TODO: Change this to "cros format" once it accepts stdin.
formatter: ['scripts/black', '-']
# List of modules that contain codemods inside of them.
- 'libcst.codemod.commands'
- 'chromite.contrib.codemod'
# Absolute or relative path of the repository root, used for providing
# full-repo metadata. Relative paths should be specified with this file
# location as the base.
repo_root: '.'