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0.8.6, 2012-09-13, Increase max-string-sequence, add enable-clipboard-notice
* Stable release of
* Increased the size of the max-string-sequence pref from 1,024 to 100,000, in
order to support larger clipboard transfers via OSC 52.
* Add an enable-clipboard-notice preference, defaulted to true. Change this
to false to turn off the "Selection Copied" message.
* Added etc/osc52.el, a reference implementation of emacs-to-hterm clipboard
sync. The script should also work for xterm and other OSC 52 compliant
0.8.5, 2012-09-07, Selection fixes, etc.
* Stable release of
* The code that tried to determine which node came first in a single-line
selection was busted. It didn't work if the selection involved styled
* Another selection bug. Triple clicks result in the selection of exactly one
full row. This means that the selection ends at the 0 offset of the following
x-row. hterm.Terminal.getSelectionText assumed that an x-row couldn't be
selected, only elements within the row could be. You could also get into
this state if you manually selected exactly to the end of a row.
* Clear location.hash when "(C)hoose another connection" is selected.
* Allow Ctrl-W to close window at the reconnect prompt.
* Show product name and version in the title by default.
0.8.4, 2012-09-05, Fix another OSC 4 regression.
* We were mishandling hex X11 rgb values. They weren't being translated into
decimal, and would result in invalid CSS rgba(...) values.
0.8.3, 2012-09-05, Stable release of
* Reject attempts to resize or realize a row or column count <= 0. This fixed
a bug where new windows opened with ctrl-shift-n would usually hang if
performed from an active connection.
0.8.2, 2012-08-27, Stable release of
This is a list of the more notable changes. For the full list, consult the
changelog-dev.txt file for releases from through
* FAQ updates.
* Fix another bug that would cause missing bottom row(s).
* Make Ctrl-Shift-N/Meta-Shift-N keyboard combinations open a new window.
* Moved common libraries under the "lib" object.
* Add "hterm_" prefix to the hterm source files.
* Add 'use strict' everywhere, fix some fallout.
* Add mouse support via DECSET modes 1000, 1002, 1003.
* Add mouse button paste. Preference 'mouse-paste-button' defaults to off
on typical X11, on everywhere else (including Aura on X11).
* Add ability to automatically copy the mouse selection to the keyboard.
Preference 'copy-on-select' defaults to on.
* Add partial OSC 52 support to allow the host to write to the system clipboard.
This is off by default, and can be enabled via the 'enable-clipboard-write'
* Add basic line editing for local ssh prompts (password, fingerprint prompt,
and the "~C" command line).
* NaCl plugin changes to prevent the UI from being overwhelmed by a flood of
data from the host.
* Many terminal correctness fixes.
* Added new connect dialog which can save previous connections and presents
a UI to import identities.
* Add focus/unfocused cursor styles.
* Be more robust against unterminated sequences (it's now much less likely that
we'll hang if you cat /dev/random).
Internal bug:
6375936 hterm hangs when \x90, \x9D, or \x9E is printed
External bugs:
BUG=chromium-os:25417, Split screen scrolling in hterm about 5x slower than in
BUG=chromium-os:25563, Support specifying imported keys files in hterm
BUG=chromium-os:26288, hterm: Add mouse support via DECSET 1000, 1002, 1003
BUG=chromium-os:29490, Middle click should paste in the terminal
BUG=chromium-os:29955, Destination window pop up twice when user use @cache.corp
BUG=chromium-os:30103, Add a UI for port forwarding.
BUG=chromium-os:30105, alt-sends-what/alt-is-meta throw exceptions when set.
BUG=chromium-os:30142, Missing/extra rows at bottom of console
BUG=chromium-os:30296, UTF-8 decoder is not a function of input stream; will
break when UTF-8 sequence split across reads
BUG=chromium-os:30297, UTF-8 decoder does not conform to Unicode standard
re: invalid sequences
BUG=chromium-os:30302, CSI K (erase in line) does not clear wrap-around flag
BUG=chromium-os:30303, Incorrect handling of off-screen tab stops on resize
BUG=chromium-os:30305, ECH (erase character, CSI X) erases from wrong place and
wrong amount
BUG=chromium-os:30345, hterm gets insert+wraparound mode wrong
BUG=chromium-os:30604, font face 'Lucida Console' Bold characters disabled
0.7.9, 2012-04-23,
* Stable release of SecureShell-dev-
* Show app name and version number at startup.
* Add cursor blink preference.
* Add doc/faq.txt, doc/hack.txt.
* Remove old vt100.js file.
* Allow Ctrl +/-/0 to control browser zoom when the browser zoom isn't already
set to 100%. This makes it possible to dismiss the new "zoom warning" using
keyboard shortcuts.
* Modify nassh plugin to accept a hash of environment variables.
* Add 'environment' preference, set by default to { TERM: 'xterm-256color' }.
* Implement Operating System Command (OSC) 4. This allows the host to set
or read the terminal color palette.
* Reset color palette on soft terminal reset.
* Add JSDoc to text_attributes.js.
* Merge COLORS_16 and COLORS_256 objects into a single
TextAttributes.prototype.defaultColorPalette object.
* Fix bold-implies-bright logic for extended colors.
* Add a stern warning message when the browser zoom is not 100%.
* Change the naming convention for sessionStorage keys (added a dot, as in
* Add logic to re-display the connect-to dialog on reload, only if nassh was not
started from a bookmark.
* Fetch the HTML5 persistent filesystem at nassh startup.
* Add NaSSH..removeAllKnownHosts() and NaSSH..removeKnownHostByIndex(i). These
can be accessed from the JS console as 'term_.command.remove...()'.
* Fix Terminal.isPrimaryScreen() assign-instead-of-test typo.
* Fix G0/G2/G3 character set control "ESC (", etc. to properly handle a
mid-sequence ESC character. (Thanks to nethack for turning this up :)
0.7.8, 2012-04-11,
* Stable release of SecureShell-dev-
* Fix 'home-keys-scroll' preference.
* Fix google_relay.html CSP issues.
* Replace 'alt-sends-escape' preference with 'alt-sends-what'. The new pref
can be set to 'escape', '8-bit', or 'browser-key'. If set to 'escape' (the
default), hterm will send ESC (as if alt-sends-escape were true, the previous
default). If set to '8-bit', hterm sends the unshifted character + 128 (as
if alt-sends-escape were false). If set to 'browser-key', hterm waits for
the keypress event, and sends whatever character code the browser thinks best.
On Mac, this will depend on your keyboard locale. Composed characters
(requiring multiple keystrokes) aren't yet implemented. 'browser-key'
shoudn't be used on platforms where Chrome uses Alt sequences for the browser.
0.7.7, 2012-04-10,
* Stable release of SecureShell-dev- (Unpublished due to google_relay
CSP issue discovered late in testing.)
* Renamed to "Secure Shell".
* Updated stable manifest to include CSP and new icons.
* Update to the latest nassh binaries.
* Fix Ctrl-\.
* Added keyboard related preferences, 'home-keys-scroll', 'page-keys-scroll',
'meta-sends-escape', 'backspace-sends-backspace'.
* Added altSendsEscape option to keyboard (and 'alt-sends-escape' pref). The
default for alt-is-meta is now false, while alt-sends-escape is true. This
lets Alt and Meta be distinct keys when possible (like on a Mac), while making
Alt work "almost" like meta by default.
* Added a little platform detection logic so we don't burn BOTH Alt-1..9 and
Meta-1..9 on every platform.
* Fixed broken backspaceSendsBackspace behavior.
* Fix Meta-Space to send ESC \x20 rather than ESC [.
* Fix character sizing issues, which solves the missing underscores in some
fonts, and should solve partial/completely missing terminal row issues.
* Add background-image pref, defaults to a mostly transparent gradient.
* Change a few one-byte colors to work better with both light and dark
* Add 'manifest_version': 2 to manifest file, specify default
Content Security Policy (CSP) policy.
* Kick off nassh initialization from nassh.js rather than
nassh.html to make CSP happy.
* Move dialog code from terminal.* into nassh.*, makes CSP happier
and it's the right thing to do.
Internal bugs:
6100845 Significant color differences with hterm compared to shellinabox
6183497 Backspace sends delete to emacs
6270109 option-space sends ESC [
6270158 hterm (OS X): option-v and option-1 thru option-9 have no effect
6063659 First line of the console appears off the top of the screen
0.7.6, 2012-03-16,
* Stable release of hterm-dev-
* Fix regression in bold detection.
* Fix regression in terminal reset.
* Refactor and clean up of the relay server code.
* Add backoff logic to relay server code.
* Promote Terminal.showOverlay to Terminal.IO.showOverlay.
* PASS on handling Meta-~, since on Mac Meta is Cmd and Cmd-~ is the 'switch
between windows of this app' sequence.
* Add preferences. Preferences are persisted to localStorage. Active hterm
instances will respond to preference changes by listening to the 'storage'
* Preferences can be grouped into "profiles" so that it's possible
to maintain multiple terminal configurations and easily switch
between them.
* The preference profile can be selected at load-time by adding
'profile=NAME' to the url used to load nassh.html or crosh.html.
0.7.4, 2012-02-29,
* Stable release of hterm-dev-
* Add ability to detect fonts with mismatched bold/normal sizes, and disable
bold characters when that happens.
* Switch out "Andale Mono" in favor of "Menlo" in the default font family list,
since bold characters in Andale Mono are a different width than normal
weight characters.
* Fix CONNECTING message to take a single DESTINATION parameter rather
than distinct USER and HOST parameters. This avoids an issue in the
chrome i18n code that chokes on the translated messages.
* Fix issues with ESC 0x20 handler.
* Fix permission issue in script.
* Remove spash screen.
* Warn before closing an active crosh tab.
TEST=test_harness.html, 55/55 tests passed.
0.7.3, 2012-02-22,
* Manifest files split into -dev and -stable versions.
* Add an altIsMeta flag, on by default.
* Treat Meta-C/Meta-Shift-V the same as Ctrl-C/Ctrl-Shift-V to
make mac users happy.
* Pass (Ctrl|Meta)-Shift-B bookmark bar key to browser.
* Pass (Ctrl|Alt|Meta)-1/9 to the browser so as not to block
tab switching.
* Skip pro-tip if nassh started with a known location.
* Fix TextAttributes.prototype.reset().
TEST=test_harness.html, 55/55 tests passed.
0.7.2, 2012-02-10,
Add bell audio, show dimensions on resize, and...
fix bold/bright handling and missing bottom pixel.
TEST=test_harness.html, 55/55 tests pass.
0.7.0, 2012-02-10,
Fix resizing, text zoom, alternate screen bug, and infinite loop/hang.
TEST=test_harness.html, 55/55 tests passed.