Change GBB bmpblock to version 1.1, supporting direct HWID rendering.

With version 1.0, the BIOS displays its screens using composited images, but
we still have to create a new bmp image for every HWID. Version 1.1 lets us
render the ASCII HWID string directly, so the BIOS screens don't need
modification just because the HWID changes.

In the yaml file, we just replace the hwid image with a magic string, like

  bmpblock: 1.1


      - [  0,   0, remove_bg]
      - [256, 534, en_model_text]
      - [314, 534, $HWID]
      - [192, 479, url]
      - [195, 453, en_remove_text]

This change modifies the bmpblk_utility to accept and generate both 1.0 and
1.1 versions. It also updates the supporting scripts (most of which aren't
needed anymore) and adds a new DEFAULT.yaml file which can be used as the
basis for all locales.

TEST=none (manual)

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