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// Copyright (c) 2009 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
extern "C" {
#include <X11/Xlib.h>
#include <deque>
#include <map>
#include <tr1/memory>
#include <gtest/gtest_prod.h> // for FRIEND_TEST() macro
#include "base/basictypes.h"
#include "base/scoped_ptr.h"
#include "window_manager/clutter_interface.h"
#include "window_manager/event_consumer.h"
#include "window_manager/motion_event_coalescer.h"
#include "window_manager/wm_ipc.h"
typedef ::Window XWindow;
namespace chromeos {
class Panel;
class Shadow;
class Window;
class WindowManager;
// The panel bar positions and controls Chrome panel windows.
class PanelBar : public EventConsumer {
PanelBar(WindowManager* wm, int x, int y, int width, int height);
WindowManager* wm() { return wm_; }
bool is_visible() const { return is_visible_; }
int x() const { return x_; }
int y() const { return y_; }
int width() const { return width_; }
int height() const { return height_; }
// Note: Begin overridden EventConsumer methods.
bool IsInputWindow(XWindow xid) {
return xid == anchor_input_win_ || panel_input_windows_.count(xid);
// Handle a window's map request. If it's a panel or titlebar, we move
// it offscreen, restack it, and map it.
bool HandleWindowMapRequest(Window* win);
// Handle the addition of a window. When a panel window is mapped, its
// titlebar (which must've previously been mapped) is looked up and a new
// Panel object is created. Does nothing when passed non-panel windows.
void HandleWindowMap(Window* win);
// Handle the removal of a window by deleting its panel. The window can
// be either the panel window itself or its titlebar. Does nothing when
// passed windows not in the bar.
void HandleWindowUnmap(Window* win);
// Handle a request from a client window to get moved or resized.
bool HandleWindowConfigureRequest(
Window* win, int req_x, int req_y, int req_width, int req_height);
// Handle events for windows.
bool HandleButtonPress(XWindow xid, int x, int y, int button, Time timestamp);
bool HandleButtonRelease(
XWindow xid, int x, int y, int button, Time timestamp);
bool HandlePointerLeave(XWindow xid, Time timestamp);
bool HandlePointerMotion(XWindow xid, int x, int y, Time timestamp);
// Handle messages from client apps.
bool HandleChromeMessage(const WmIpc::Message& msg);
bool HandleClientMessage(const XClientMessageEvent& e);
// Handle windows getting or losing the input focus.
bool HandleFocusChange(XWindow xid, bool focus_in);
// Note: End overridden EventConsumer methods.
void MoveAndResize(int x, int y, int width, int height);
// Store the position where a panel has been dragged to
// 'queued_dragged_panel_x_' and 'queued_dragged_panel_y_'. These
// positions get applied periodically by MoveDraggedPanel(), which is run
// by 'dragged_panel_timer_id_' (which gets started indirectly by this
// method).
void StorePanelPosition(Window* win, int x, int y);
// Handle the end of a panel drag. This stops 'dragged_panel_timer_id_'.
void HandlePanelDragComplete(Window* win);
// Move the dragged panel to the queued position. This is invoked
// periodically by a timer.
void MoveDraggedPanel();
// Take the input focus if possible. Returns 'false' if it doesn't make
// sense to take the focus (currently, we only take the focus if there's
// at least one expanded panel).
bool TakeFocus();
FRIEND_TEST(PanelBarTest, ActiveWindowMessage);
// Returns true if 'center_x' falls within the bounds of a panel's
// titlebar.
class PanelTitlebarContainsPoint {
PanelTitlebarContainsPoint(int center_x) : center_x_(center_x) {}
bool operator()(std::tr1::shared_ptr<Panel>& p);
int center_x_;
// Save some typing.
typedef std::vector<std::tr1::shared_ptr<Panel> > Panels;
int num_panels() const {
return expanded_panels_.size() + collapsed_panels_.size();
// Do some initial setup for windows that we're going to manage.
// This includes stacking them and moving them offscreen.
void DoInitialSetupForWindow(Window* win);
// Add a panel to the bar.
void AddPanel(Window* panel_win, Window* titlebar_win, bool expanded);
// Expand a panel. We move it from 'collapsed_panels_' to
// 'expanded_panels_' and reposition the other expanded panels to not
// overlap. If 'create_anchor' is true, we additionally create an anchor
// for it.
void ExpandPanel(Panel* panel, bool create_anchor);
// Collapse a panel. We move it from 'expanded_panels_' to
// 'collapsed_panels_' and pack all of the collapsed panels to the right.
void CollapsePanel(Panel* panel);
// Focus the passed-in panel's panel window. Also removes its passive
// button grab and updates 'desired_panel_to_focus_'. If
// 'remove_pointer_grab' is true, removes the active pointer grab and
// replays any grabbed events (this is used when the panel is being
// focused in response to a grabbed click).
void FocusPanel(Panel* panel, bool remove_pointer_grab);
// Get the panel with the passed-in panel or titlebar window.
// Returns NULL for unknown windows.
Panel* GetPanelByWindow(const Window& win);
// Get an iterator to the panel containing 'win' (either a panel or
// titlebar window) from the passed-in vector. Returns panels.end() if
// the panel isn't present.
static Panels::iterator FindPanelInVectorByWindow(
Panels& panels, const Window& win);
// Get a panel's index in a vector, or -1 if it's not present.
static int GetPanelIndex(Panels& panels, const Panel& panel);
// Start a drag of the passed-in panel. If there's a previous drag
// (which there shouldn't be; we should've already gotten notification of
// it ending), we abort it. The panel's windows are restacked and we
// start the MoveDraggedPanel() timer if necessary.
void StartDrag(Panel* panel);
// Pack all collapsed panels with the exception of 'dragged_panel_'
// towards the right. We reserve space for 'dragged_panel_' and update
// its snapped position, but we don't update its actual position.
void PackCollapsedPanels();
// Reposition all expanded panels other than 'fixed_panel'. We attempt
// to make them fit onscreen and not overlap.
void RepositionExpandedPanels(Panel* fixed_panel);
// Insert a panel into 'collapsed_panels_' in the correct position (in
// terms of left-to-right positioning).
void InsertCollapsedPanel(std::tr1::shared_ptr<Panel> new_panel);
// Insert a panel into 'expanded_panels_' in the correct position (in
// terms of left-to-right positioning).
void InsertExpandedPanel(std::tr1::shared_ptr<Panel> new_panel);
// Create an anchor for a panel. If there's a previous anchor, we
// destroy it.
void CreateAnchor(Panel* panel);
// Destroy the anchor.
void DestroyAnchor();
// Get the expanded panel closest to 'panel', or NULL if there are no
// other expanded panels (or if 'panel' isn't expanded).
Panel* GetNearestExpandedPanel(Panel* panel);
// Show or hide the panel bar. Note that this doesn't change the
// visibility or position of the panels themselves -- this is just called
// internally to show the bar when the first panel is created and hide it
// when no panels are present.
void SetVisibility(bool visible);
WindowManager* wm_; // not owned
// Position and size of the bar.
int x_;
int y_;
int width_;
int height_;
// Width of the contents of the bar.
int collapsed_panel_width_;
// Collapsed and expanded panels.
Panels collapsed_panels_;
Panels expanded_panels_;
// Actor drawn for the bar's background.
scoped_ptr<ClutterInterface::Actor> bar_actor_;
// Drop shadow underneath the bar.
scoped_ptr<Shadow> bar_shadow_;
// The panel that's currently being dragged, or NULL if none is.
Panel* dragged_panel_;
// Batches motion events for dragged panels so that we can rate-limit the
// frequency of their processing.
MotionEventCoalescer dragged_panel_event_coalescer_;
// Input window used to receive events for the anchor displayed under
// panels after they're expanded.
XWindow anchor_input_win_;
// Panel for which the anchor is currently being displayed.
Panel* anchor_panel_;
// Textured actor used to draw the anchor.
scoped_ptr<ClutterInterface::Actor> anchor_actor_;
// If we need to give the focus to a panel, we choose this one.
Panel* desired_panel_to_focus_;
std::map<XWindow, Panel*> panel_input_windows_;
// Is the panel bar visible?
bool is_visible_;
// Have we already seen a MapRequest event?
bool saw_map_request_;
} // namespace chromeos