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  1. b5f9487 servo: add 1.8V supply for ZerbleBarn by Vincent Palatin · 4 days ago master
  2. a67ef82 servod: provide a more informative error on usb disconnect by Nick Sanders · 7 days ago
  3. db98457 octopus_ite: add INA mapping by Derek Basehore · 8 days ago
  4. b9bc0e6 octopus: Add INAs config for newer boards. by Justin TerAvest · 9 days ago
  5. 476aca0 cheza: Move no-voltage for enabling/disabling WP to all cheze revs by Wai-Hong Tam · 10 days ago
  6. 4975f79 servod: fail on lack of device interface by Nick Sanders · 10 days ago
  7. ef4b500 nami: Add lid_open functionality by Shelley Chen · 2 weeks ago firmware-nami-10775.B
  8. 66e0469 servod: add more descriptive error for out-of-endpoints by Nick Sanders · 3 weeks ago
  9. dfde053 octopus: rename npcx ina file to match convention by Jett Rink · 3 weeks ago
  10. 8c61301 servod: add sweetberry as servod device. by Ruben Rodriguez Buchillon · 4 weeks ago release-R68-10718.B stabilize-atlas.10736.B stabilize-nocturne.10736.B
  11. 59147b3 power_state: Add rec_force_mrc option by Shelley Chen · 5 weeks ago
  12. fd390c5 bip: add i2c mux for bip by Jett Rink · 6 weeks ago stabilize-10682.B
  13. f97a109 octopus: separate ite and npcx based overlays by Jett Rink · 6 weeks ago
  14. b5fe0f1 sysconfig: don't allow raw None return by Ruben Rodriguez Buchillon · 6 weeks ago
  15. d2042f1 grunt: Use cros_ec_softrec_power driver by Drew Davenport · 6 weeks ago
  16. e9b2c4f servo: Add nocturne overlay. by Aseda Aboagye · 6 weeks ago
  17. 2de58f9 servo_v4: init fw_wp_state to force_off by Mary Ruthven · 7 weeks ago
  18. 546a706 cheza: Don't give voltage when forcing to enable/disable WP by Wai-Hong Tam · 7 weeks ago
  19. aa12039 servod: Remove duplicate default values by Drew Davenport · 7 weeks ago
  20. a9e3afa servo: improve by Ruben Rodriguez Buchillon · 7 weeks ago