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The ModemManager releases are generated using the GNU autotools.
0.1) For major releases:
* Increment mm_minor_version and reset mm_micro_version.
* Assuming API/ABI compatibility in libmm-glib, increment both
mm_glib_lt_current and mm_glib_lt_age.
0.2) For stable branch releases:
* Increment mm_micro_version.
1) Configure and build the whole project, making sure gtk-doc is enabled:
$ ./configure --enable-gtk-doc
$ make -j8
2) Run distcheck so that the source distribution tarball is generated, and the
project test suite is run on it:
$ make distcheck
3) Compute checksum of the tarball so that it can be referenced in the release
$ sha256sum ModemManager-${VERSION}.tar.xz
4) Sign release tarball, and verify it (*):
$ gpg --detach-sign --armor ModemManager-${VERSION}.tar.xz
$ gpg --verify ModemManager-${VERSION}.tar.xz.asc ModemManager-${VERSION}.tar.xz
5) Upload source tarball (.tar.xz) and signature (.tar.xz.asc) to
$ scp ModemManager-${VERSION}.tar.xz* fd.o:${ModemManager}/
6) Create directories for the manpages and gtk-doc documentation in, and also update the 'latest' links:
$ ssh fd.o
[fd.o] $ cd ${ModemManager}/man/
[fd.o] $ rm latest
[fd.o] $ mkdir -p ${VERSION}
[fd.o] $ ln -s ${VERSION} latest
[fd.o] $ cd ${ModemManager}/doc/
[fd.o] $ rm latest
[fd.o] $ mkdir -p ${VERSION}/ModemManager
[fd.o] $ mkdir -p ${VERSION}/libmm-glib
[fd.o] $ ln -s ${VERSION} latest
7) Generate HTML for the manpages:
$ roffit < docs/man/mmcli.1 > mmcli.1.html
$ roffit < docs/man/ModemManager.8 > ModemManager.8.html
8) Upload manpages in HTML to
$ scp *.html fd.o:${ModemManager}/man/${VERSION}/
9) Upload the gtk-doc in HTML available inside the source tarball to It must be the one inside the tarball because it contains
the correct fixed refs to the online documentation of the dependencies
(e.g. the glib/gobject/gio documentation URLs in
$ tar -Jxvf ModemManager-${VERSION}.tar.xz
$ scp ModemManager-${VERSION}/docs/reference/api/html/* fd.o:${ModemManager}/doc/${VERSION}/ModemManager/
$ scp ModemManager-${VERSION}/docs/reference/libmm-glib/html/* fd.o:${ModemManager}/doc/${VERSION}/libmm-glib/
10.1) For major releases:
* Fork new stable branch (e.g. mm-${MAJOR}-${MINOR})
* Post-release version bump in the main branch, increment mm_minor_version.
* Post-release version bump in the stable branch, increment mm_micro_version.
10.2) For stable branch releases:
* Post-release version bump, increment mm_micro_version.
*) Verifying the release signature requires the public key of the person who
signed it, e.g.:
$ curl | gpg --import