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# Makefile for Python documentation
# ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
# You can set these variables from the command line.
PYTHON = python3
VENVDIR = ./venv
SPHINXBUILD = PATH=$(VENVDIR)/bin:$$PATH sphinx-build
SPHINXLINT = PATH=$(VENVDIR)/bin:$$PATH sphinx-lint
BLURB = PATH=$(VENVDIR)/bin:$$PATH blurb
JOBS = auto
DISTVERSION = $(shell $(PYTHON) tools/extensions/
REQUIREMENTS = requirements.txt
# Internal variables.
PAPEROPT_a4 = -D latex_elements.papersize=a4paper
PAPEROPT_letter = -D latex_elements.papersize=letterpaper
ALLSPHINXOPTS = -b $(BUILDER) -d build/doctrees $(PAPEROPT_$(PAPER)) -j $(JOBS) \
.PHONY: help
@echo "Please use \`make <target>' where <target> is one of"
@echo " clean to remove build files"
@echo " venv to create a venv with necessary tools"
@echo " html to make standalone HTML files"
@echo " htmlview to open the index page built by the html target in your browser"
@echo " htmlhelp to make HTML files and a HTML help project"
@echo " latex to make LaTeX files, you can set PAPER=a4 or PAPER=letter"
@echo " text to make plain text files"
@echo " texinfo to make Texinfo file"
@echo " epub to make EPUB files"
@echo " changes to make an overview over all changed/added/deprecated items"
@echo " linkcheck to check all external links for integrity"
@echo " coverage to check documentation coverage for library and C API"
@echo " doctest to run doctests in the documentation"
@echo " pydoc-topics to regenerate the pydoc topics file"
@echo " dist to create a \"dist\" directory with archived docs for download"
@echo " check to run a check for frequent markup errors"
.PHONY: build
-mkdir -p build
# Look first for a Misc/NEWS file (building from a source release tarball
# or old repo) and use that, otherwise look for a Misc/NEWS.d directory
# (building from a newer repo) and use blurb to generate the NEWS file.
@if [ -f ../Misc/NEWS ] ; then \
echo "Using existing Misc/NEWS file"; \
cp ../Misc/NEWS build/NEWS; \
elif $(BLURB) help >/dev/null 2>&1 && $(SPHINXBUILD) --version >/dev/null 2>&1; then \
if [ -d ../Misc/NEWS.d ]; then \
echo "Building NEWS from Misc/NEWS.d with blurb"; \
$(BLURB) merge -f build/NEWS; \
else \
echo "Neither Misc/NEWS.d nor Misc/NEWS found; cannot build docs"; \
exit 1; \
fi \
else \
echo ""; \
echo "Missing the required blurb or sphinx-build tools."; \
echo "Please run 'make venv' to install local copies."; \
echo ""; \
exit 1; \
.PHONY: html
html: BUILDER = html
html: build
@echo "Build finished. The HTML pages are in build/html."
.PHONY: htmlhelp
htmlhelp: BUILDER = htmlhelp
htmlhelp: build
@echo "Build finished; now you can run HTML Help Workshop with the" \
"build/htmlhelp/pydoc.hhp project file."
.PHONY: latex
latex: BUILDER = latex
latex: build
@echo "Build finished; the LaTeX files are in build/latex."
@echo "Run \`make all-pdf' or \`make all-ps' in that directory to" \
"run these through (pdf)latex."
.PHONY: text
text: BUILDER = text
text: build
@echo "Build finished; the text files are in build/text."
.PHONY: texinfo
texinfo: BUILDER = texinfo
texinfo: build
@echo "Build finished; the python.texi file is in build/texinfo."
@echo "Run \`make info' in that directory to run it through makeinfo."
.PHONY: epub
epub: BUILDER = epub
epub: build
@echo "Build finished; the epub files are in build/epub."
.PHONY: changes
changes: BUILDER = changes
changes: build
@echo "The overview file is in build/changes."
.PHONY: linkcheck
linkcheck: BUILDER = linkcheck
@$(MAKE) build BUILDER=$(BUILDER) || { \
echo "Link check complete; look for any errors in the above output" \
"or in build/$(BUILDER)/output.txt"; \
false; }
.PHONY: coverage
coverage: BUILDER = coverage
coverage: build
@echo "Coverage finished; see c.txt and python.txt in build/coverage"
.PHONY: doctest
doctest: BUILDER = doctest
@$(MAKE) build BUILDER=$(BUILDER) || { \
echo "Testing of doctests in the sources finished, look at the" \
"results in build/doctest/output.txt"; \
false; }
.PHONY: pydoc-topics
pydoc-topics: BUILDER = pydoc-topics
pydoc-topics: build
@echo "Building finished; now run this:" \
"cp build/pydoc-topics/ ../Lib/pydoc_data/"
.PHONY: htmlview
htmlview: html
$(PYTHON) -c "import os, webbrowser;'file://' + os.path.realpath('build/html/index.html'))"
.PHONY: clean
clean: clean-venv
-rm -rf build/*
.PHONY: clean-venv
rm -rf $(VENVDIR)
.PHONY: venv
@if [ -d $(VENVDIR) ] ; then \
echo "venv already exists."; \
echo "To recreate it, remove it first with \`make clean-venv'."; \
else \
$(PYTHON) -m venv $(VENVDIR); \
$(VENVDIR)/bin/python3 -m pip install --upgrade pip; \
$(VENVDIR)/bin/python3 -m pip install -r $(REQUIREMENTS); \
echo "The venv has been created in the $(VENVDIR) directory"; \
.PHONY: dist
rm -rf dist
mkdir -p dist
# archive the HTML
make html
cp -pPR build/html dist/python-$(DISTVERSION)-docs-html
tar -C dist -cf dist/python-$(DISTVERSION)-docs-html.tar python-$(DISTVERSION)-docs-html
bzip2 -9 -k dist/python-$(DISTVERSION)-docs-html.tar
(cd dist; zip -q -r -9 python-$(DISTVERSION) python-$(DISTVERSION)-docs-html)
rm -r dist/python-$(DISTVERSION)-docs-html
rm dist/python-$(DISTVERSION)-docs-html.tar
# archive the text build
make text
cp -pPR build/text dist/python-$(DISTVERSION)-docs-text
tar -C dist -cf dist/python-$(DISTVERSION)-docs-text.tar python-$(DISTVERSION)-docs-text
bzip2 -9 -k dist/python-$(DISTVERSION)-docs-text.tar
(cd dist; zip -q -r -9 python-$(DISTVERSION) python-$(DISTVERSION)-docs-text)
rm -r dist/python-$(DISTVERSION)-docs-text
rm dist/python-$(DISTVERSION)-docs-text.tar
# archive the A4 latex
rm -rf build/latex
make latex PAPER=a4
-sed -i 's/makeindex/makeindex -q/' build/latex/Makefile
(cd build/latex; make clean && make all-pdf && make FMT=pdf zip bz2)
cp build/latex/ dist/python-$(DISTVERSION)
cp build/latex/docs-pdf.tar.bz2 dist/python-$(DISTVERSION)-docs-pdf-a4.tar.bz2
# archive the letter latex
rm -rf build/latex
make latex PAPER=letter
-sed -i 's/makeindex/makeindex -q/' build/latex/Makefile
(cd build/latex; make clean && make all-pdf && make FMT=pdf zip bz2)
cp build/latex/ dist/python-$(DISTVERSION)
cp build/latex/docs-pdf.tar.bz2 dist/python-$(DISTVERSION)-docs-pdf-letter.tar.bz2
# copy the epub build
rm -rf build/epub
make epub
cp -pPR build/epub/Python.epub dist/python-$(DISTVERSION)-docs.epub
# archive the texinfo build
rm -rf build/texinfo
make texinfo
make info --directory=build/texinfo
cp -pPR build/texinfo dist/python-$(DISTVERSION)-docs-texinfo
tar -C dist -cf dist/python-$(DISTVERSION)-docs-texinfo.tar python-$(DISTVERSION)-docs-texinfo
bzip2 -9 -k dist/python-$(DISTVERSION)-docs-texinfo.tar
(cd dist; zip -q -r -9 python-$(DISTVERSION) python-$(DISTVERSION)-docs-texinfo)
rm -r dist/python-$(DISTVERSION)-docs-texinfo
rm dist/python-$(DISTVERSION)-docs-texinfo.tar
.PHONY: check
# Check the docs and NEWS files with sphinx-lint.
# Ignore the tools and venv dirs and check that the default role is not used.
$(SPHINXLINT) -i tools -i $(VENVDIR) --enable default-role
$(SPHINXLINT) --enable default-role ../Misc/NEWS.d/next/
.PHONY: serve
@echo "The serve target was removed, use htmlview instead (see bpo-36329)"
# Targets for daily automated doc build
# By default, Sphinx only rebuilds pages where the page content has changed.
# This means it doesn't always pick up changes to preferred link targets, etc
# To ensure such changes are picked up, we build the published docs with
# `-E` (to ignore the cached environment) and `-a` (to ignore already existing
# output files)
# for development releases: always build
.PHONY: autobuild-dev
make dist SPHINXOPTS='$(SPHINXOPTS) -Ea -A daily=1'
# for quick rebuilds (HTML only)
.PHONY: autobuild-dev-html
make html SPHINXOPTS='$(SPHINXOPTS) -Ea -A daily=1'
# for stable releases: only build if not in pre-release stage (alpha, beta)
# release candidate downloads are okay, since the stable tree can be in that stage
.PHONY: autobuild-stable
@case $(DISTVERSION) in *[ab]*) \
echo "Not building; $(DISTVERSION) is not a release version."; \
exit 1;; \
@make autobuild-dev
.PHONY: autobuild-stable-html
@case $(DISTVERSION) in *[ab]*) \
echo "Not building; $(DISTVERSION) is not a release version."; \
exit 1;; \
@make autobuild-dev-html