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Full Grammar specification
This is the full Python grammar, derived directly from the grammar
used to generate the CPython parser (see :source:`Grammar/python.gram`).
The version here omits details related to code generation and
error recovery.
The notation is a mixture of `EBNF
and `PEG <>`_.
In particular, ``&`` followed by a symbol, token or parenthesized
group indicates a positive lookahead (i.e., is required to match but
not consumed), while ``!`` indicates a negative lookahead (i.e., is
required *not* to match). We use the ``|`` separator to mean PEG's
"ordered choice" (written as ``/`` in traditional PEG grammars). See
:pep:`617` for more details on the grammar's syntax.
.. literalinclude:: ../../Grammar/python.gram
:language: peg