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/* Frozen modules initializer */
#include "Python.h"
#include "importlib.h"
#include "importlib_external.h"
#include "importlib_zipimport.h"
/* In order to test the support for frozen modules, by default we
define a single frozen module, __hello__. Loading it will print
some famous words... */
/* Run "make regen-frozen" to regen the file below (e.g. after a bytecode
* format change). The include file defines _Py_M__hello as an array of bytes.
#include "frozen_hello.h"
#define SIZE (int)sizeof(_Py_M__hello)
static const struct _frozen _PyImport_FrozenModules[] = {
/* importlib */
{"_frozen_importlib", _Py_M__importlib_bootstrap,
{"_frozen_importlib_external", _Py_M__importlib_bootstrap_external,
{"zipimport", _Py_M__zipimport,
/* Test module */
{"__hello__", _Py_M__hello, SIZE},
/* Test package (negative size indicates package-ness) */
{"__phello__", _Py_M__hello, -SIZE},
{"__phello__.spam", _Py_M__hello, SIZE},
{0, 0, 0} /* sentinel */
/* Embedding apps may change this pointer to point to their favorite
collection of frozen modules: */
const struct _frozen *PyImport_FrozenModules = _PyImport_FrozenModules;