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// Copyright 2015 The LUCI Authors.
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
package coordinator
import (
ds ""
const (
// RegistrationNonceTimeout is how long LogPrefix.IsRetry will consider
// a matching nonce to be valid.
RegistrationNonceTimeout = 15 * time.Minute
// LogPrefix is a datastore model for a prefix space. All log streams sharing
// a prefix will have a LogPrefix entry to group under.
// A LogPrefix is keyed on the hash of its Prefix property.
// Prefix-scoped properties are used to control creation and modification
// attributes of log streams sharing the prefix.
type LogPrefix struct {
// ID is the LogPrefix's ID. It is an encoded hash value generated from the
// stream's Prefix field.
ID HashID `gae:"$id"`
// Schema is the datastore schema version for this object. This can be used
// to facilitate schema migrations.
// The current schema is currentSchemaVersion.
Schema string
// Created is the time when this stream was created.
Created time.Time `gae:",noindex"`
// Prefix is this log stream's prefix value. Log streams with the same prefix
// are logically grouped.
// This value should not be changed once populated, as it will invalidate the
// HashID.
Prefix string `gae:",noindex"`
// Realm is a full realm name ("<project>:<realm>") with ACLs for this prefix.
// It is set in RegisterStream and can't be changed afterwards.
Realm string
// Source is the (indexed) set of source strings sent by the prefix registrar.
Source []string
// Expiration is the time when this log prefix expires. Stream registrations
// for this prefix will fail after this point.
Expiration time.Time
// Secret is the Butler secret value for this prefix. All streams within
// the prefix share this secret value.
// This value may only be returned to LogDog services; it is not user-visible.
Secret []byte `gae:",noindex"`
// OpNonce is provided by the client when calling RegisterPrefix. If the
// client provides the same nonce on a subsequent invocation of
// RegisterPrefix, the server will respond with success instead of
// AlreadyExists.
// This must have a length of either 0 or types.OpNonceLength.
// The nonce has a valid lifetime of RegistrationNonceTimeout after Created.
OpNonce []byte `gae:",noindex"`
// extra causes datastore to ignore unrecognized fields and strip them in
// future writes.
extra ds.PropertyMap `gae:"-,extra"`
var _ interface {
} = (*LogPrefix)(nil)
// LogPrefixID returns the HashID for a specific prefix.
func LogPrefixID(prefix types.StreamName) HashID {
return makeHashID(string(prefix))
// Load implements ds.PropertyLoadSaver.
func (p *LogPrefix) Load(pmap ds.PropertyMap) error {
if err := ds.GetPLS(p).Load(pmap); err != nil {
return err
// Validate the log prefix. Don't enforce HashID correctness, since datastore
// hasn't populated that field yet.
return p.validateImpl(false)
// Save implements ds.PropertyLoadSaver.
func (p *LogPrefix) Save(withMeta bool) (ds.PropertyMap, error) {
if err := p.validateImpl(true); err != nil {
return nil, err
p.Schema = CurrentSchemaVersion
return ds.GetPLS(p).Save(withMeta)
// IsRetry checks to see if this LogPrefix is still in the OpNonce
// window, and if nonce matches the one in this LogPrefix.
func (p *LogPrefix) IsRetry(c context.Context, nonce []byte) bool {
if len(nonce) != types.OpNonceLength {
logging.Infof(c, "user provided invalid nonce length (%d)", len(nonce))
return false
if len(p.OpNonce) == 0 {
logging.Infof(c, "prefix %q has no associated nonce", p.Prefix)
return false
if clock.Now(c).After(p.Created.Add(RegistrationNonceTimeout)) {
logging.Infof(c, "prefix %q has expired nonce", p.Prefix)
return false
return subtle.ConstantTimeCompare(p.OpNonce, nonce) == 1
// getIDFromPrefix calculates the log stream's hash ID from its Prefix/Name
// fields, which must be populated else this function will panic.
func (p *LogPrefix) getIDFromPrefix() HashID {
if p.Prefix == "" {
panic("empty prefix")
return makeHashID(p.Prefix)
// Validate evaluates the state and data contents of the LogPrefix and returns
// an error if it is invalid.
func (p *LogPrefix) Validate() error {
return p.validateImpl(true)
func (p *LogPrefix) validateImpl(enforceHashID bool) error {
if enforceHashID {
// Make sure our Prefix and Name match the Hash ID.
if hid := p.getIDFromPrefix(); hid != p.ID {
return fmt.Errorf("hash IDs don't match (%q != %q)", hid, p.ID)
if err := types.StreamName(p.Prefix).Validate(); err != nil {
return fmt.Errorf("invalid prefix: %s", err)
if err := types.PrefixSecret(p.Secret).Validate(); err != nil {
return fmt.Errorf("invalid prefix secret: %s", err)
if p.Created.IsZero() {
return errors.New("created time is not set")
if l := len(p.OpNonce); l > 0 && l != types.OpNonceLength {
return fmt.Errorf("registration nonce has bad length (%d)", l)
return nil