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LUCI Bisection

LUCI Bisection (formerly GoFindit) is the culprit finding service for compile and test failures for Chrome Browser.

This is the rewrite in Golang of the Python2 version of Findit (

Local Development

To run the server locally, firstly you need to authenticate

gcloud config set project luci-bisection-dev
gcloud auth application-default login


luci-auth login -scopes ""

Building the Frontend

In another terminal window, build the project with watch for development:

cd frontend/ui
npm run watch

This will build the React app. If left running, local changes to the React app will trigger re-building automatically.

To run the frontend unit tests,

cd frontend/ui
npm test

Running LUCI Bisection

In the root bisection directory, run

go run main.go -cloud-project luci-bisection-dev -primary-tink-aead-key sm://tink-aead-primary -config-service-host

This will start a web server running at http://localhost:8800. Navigate to this URL using your preferred browser. Once you “log in”, the LUCI Bisection frontend should load.

Developer Test Deployment

LUCI Bisection uses for manual deployment of the GAE instances for developer testing (e.g. of local changes).

In the root bisection directory, run

eval `../../../../`
make deploy


The dev and prod instances are managed via LUCI GAE Automatic Deployment (Googlers-only).

Dev instance

Releases are automatically pushed to luci-bisection-dev on commit by the gae-deploy builder.

Prod instance

To push to prod:

  1. Get an infra_internal checkout
  2. Change to the data/gae directory:
    • cd data/gae
  3. Get the latest changes from the main branch:
    • git checkout main && git pull
  4. Switch to a local branch:
    • git checkout -b <local-branch-name>
  5. Create the CL to update the “canary” and “stable” version:
    1. ./scripts/ luci-bisection --canary --stable --commit
    2. git cl upload
  6. Mail and land the CL.
    • If you want to rollback prod to the previous version, rollback this CL.