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<h2>Status: <code id="statusField">NO-STATUS</code></h2>
This example demonstrates reading from and writing to your Google Drive
account. To run:
Click the "Sign In" button below to authorize access to your
Click the "Get File" button to read the file "hello nacl.txt" from your
<li>If it exists, it will be modified.</li>
<li>If it doesn't exist, it will be created.</li>
The file will be downloaded, and the contents displayed below. Try
looking on
<a href="" target="_blank">Google Drive</a> to
see the changes as well!
<button id="signIn" hidden>Sign In</button>
<button id="getFile" hidden>Get File</button>
<div id="listener"></div>
<pre id="log"></pre>
File Contents:
<pre style="border: 1px solid #ccc" id="contents"></pre>