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// Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// SdchFilter applies open_vcdiff content decoding to a datastream.
// This decoding uses a pre-cached dictionary of text fragments to decode
// (expand) the stream back to its original contents.
// This SdchFilter internally uses open_vcdiff/vcdec library to do decoding.
// SdchFilter is also a subclass of Filter. See the latter's header file
// filter.h for sample usage.
#include <string>
#include "base/memory/scoped_ptr.h"
#include "net/base/net_export.h"
#include "net/base/sdch_manager.h"
#include "net/filter/filter.h"
namespace open_vcdiff {
class VCDiffStreamingDecoder;
namespace net {
class NET_EXPORT_PRIVATE SdchFilter : public Filter {
~SdchFilter() override;
// Initializes filter decoding mode and internal control blocks.
bool InitDecoding(Filter::FilterType filter_type);
// Decode the pre-filter data and writes the output into |dest_buffer|
// The function returns FilterStatus. See filter.h for its description.
// Upon entry, *dest_len is the total size (in number of chars) of the
// destination buffer. Upon exit, *dest_len is the actual number of chars
// written into the destination buffer.
FilterStatus ReadFilteredData(char* dest_buffer, int* dest_len) override;
// Internal status. Once we enter an error state, we stop processing data.
enum DecodingStatus {
META_REFRESH_RECOVERY, // Decoding error being handled by a meta-refresh.
PASS_THROUGH, // Non-sdch content being passed without alteration.
// Only to be instantiated by Filter::Factory.
SdchFilter(FilterType type, const FilterContext& filter_context);
friend class Filter;
// Identify the suggested dictionary, and initialize underlying decompressor.
Filter::FilterStatus InitializeDictionary();
// Move data that was internally buffered (after decompression) to the
// specified dest_buffer.
int OutputBufferExcess(char* const dest_buffer, size_t available_space);
// Add SDCH Problem to net-log and record histogram.
void LogSdchProblem(SdchProblemCode problem);
// Context data from the owner of this filter.
const FilterContext& filter_context_;
// Tracks the status of decoding.
// This variable is initialized by InitDecoding and updated only by
// ReadFilteredData.
DecodingStatus decoding_status_;
// The underlying decoder that processes data.
// This data structure is initialized by InitDecoding and updated in
// ReadFilteredData.
scoped_ptr<open_vcdiff::VCDiffStreamingDecoder> vcdiff_streaming_decoder_;
// In case we need to assemble the hash piecemeal, we have a place to store
// a part of the hash until we "get all 8 bytes plus a null."
std::string dictionary_hash_;
// After assembling an entire dictionary hash (the first 9 bytes of the
// sdch payload, we check to see if it is plausible, meaning it has a null
// termination, and has 8 characters that are possible in a net-safe base64
// encoding. If the hash is not plausible, then the payload is probably not
// an SDCH encoded bundle, and various error recovery strategies can be
// attempted.
bool dictionary_hash_is_plausible_;
// We hold an in-memory copy of the dictionary during the entire decoding, as
// it is used directly by the VC-DIFF decoding system.
// That char* data is part of the dictionary_ we hold a reference to.
scoped_refptr<SdchManager::Dictionary> dictionary_;
// We keep a copy of the URLRequestContext for use in the destructor, (at
// which point GetURLRequestContext() will likely return null because of
// the disassociation of the URLRequest from the URLRequestJob). This is
// safe because the URLRequestJob (and any filters) are guaranteed to be
// deleted before the URLRequestContext is destroyed.
const URLRequestContext* const url_request_context_;
// The decoder may demand a larger output buffer than the target of
// ReadFilteredData so we buffer the excess output between calls.
std::string dest_buffer_excess_;
// To avoid moving strings around too much, we save the index into
// dest_buffer_excess_ that has the next byte to output.
size_t dest_buffer_excess_index_;
// To get stats on activities, we keep track of source and target bytes.
// Visit about:histograms/Sdch to see histogram data.
size_t source_bytes_;
size_t output_bytes_;
// Error recovery in content type may add an sdch filter type, in which case
// we should gracefully perform pass through if the format is incorrect, or
// an applicable dictionary can't be found.
bool possible_pass_through_;
// The URL that is currently being filtered.
// This is used to restrict use of a dictionary to a specific URL or path.
GURL url_;
// To facilitate error recovery, allow filter to know if content is text/html
// by checking within this mime type (we may do a meta-refresh via html).
std::string mime_type_;
} // namespace net