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// Copyright 2019 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <memory>
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "remoting/signaling/signal_strategy.h"
namespace remoting {
class FtlSignalStrategy;
class XmppSignalStrategy;
// WARNING: This class is designed to be used exclusively by
// JingleSessionManager on the host during the XMPP->FTL signaling migration
// process. It doesn't support anything other than sending and receiving
// stanzas. Use (Ftl|Xmpp)SignalStrategy directly if possible.
// MuxingSignalStrategy multiplexes FtlSignalStrategy and XmppSignalStrategy.
// It can accept stanzas with FTL or XMPP receiver and forward them to the
// proper SignalStrategy.
// Caller can create MuxingSignalStrategy on one thread and thereafter use it
// on another thread.
class MuxingSignalStrategy final : public SignalStrategy {
std::unique_ptr<FtlSignalStrategy> ftl_signal_strategy,
std::unique_ptr<XmppSignalStrategy> xmpp_signal_strategy);
~MuxingSignalStrategy() override;
// SignalStrategy implementations.
// This will connect both |ftl_signal_strategy_| and |xmpp_signal_strategy_|.
void Connect() override;
// Returns:
// * DISCONNECTED if both of the signal strategies are disconnected
// * CONNECTED if both of the signal strategies are connected, or only one of
// the strategy is connected while a timeout has been elapsed (the other
// strategy can be either disconnected or connecting)
// * CONNECTING in other cases
State GetState() const override;
// GetLocalAddress() can only be called inside
// OnSignalStrategyIncomingStanza().
const SignalingAddress& GetLocalAddress() const override;
void AddListener(SignalStrategy::Listener* listener) override;
void RemoveListener(SignalStrategy::Listener* listener) override;
bool SendStanza(std::unique_ptr<jingle_xmpp::XmlElement> stanza) override;
std::string GetNextId() override;
FtlSignalStrategy* ftl_signal_strategy();
XmppSignalStrategy* xmpp_signal_strategy();
class Core;
// These methods are not supported. Caller should directly call them on the
// underlying signal strategies instead.
void Disconnect() override;
Error GetError() const override;
// Returns pointer to the core, and creates a core if it has not been created.
// The Core constructor will bind the underlying signal strategies to the
// current sequence, so we delay construction of the core so that user can
// create MuxingSignalStrategy on one sequence and use it on another sequence.
Core* GetCore();
const Core* GetCore() const;
Core* GetCoreImpl();
// These will be moved to |core_| once the core is created.
std::unique_ptr<FtlSignalStrategy> ftl_signal_strategy_;
std::unique_ptr<XmppSignalStrategy> xmpp_signal_strategy_;
std::unique_ptr<Core> core_;
} // namespace remoting