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  1. 4a9c813 Fuchsia: Add support for package dependencies to fuchsia_package_runner. by Kevin Marshall · 14 hours ago master
  2. 84006c1 Fuchsia: Break apart package & script gen into separate GN rules. by Kevin Marshall · 2 days ago
  3. c074661 Sanitizers: explicitly disable use_sanitizer_coverage when use_clang_coverage=true. by Max Moroz · 2 days ago
  4. 6a13e82 Build: disable ICF when using clang_code_coverage=true. by Max Moroz · 2 days ago
  5. 1d0803a Use an integer for android_sdk_version. by John Budorick · 2 days ago
  6. a2661ad Add support for using mockito in instrumentation tests. by John Budorick · 3 days ago
  7. 92e72c6 Use -fdebug-compilation-dir instead of -fdebug-prefix-map by Tom Anderson · 3 days ago
  8. f8a01e2 Rewrite android SDK jar build rules. by John Budorick · 3 days ago
  9. 3a87d70 Cygprofile: Telemetry benchmarking support. by Matthew Cary · 3 days ago
  10. 5204697 Revert "Stop removing rpath_for_built_shared_libraries from chrome_sandbox" by Thomas Anderson · 4 days ago
  11. d321b1d android: Add android_generated_resources GN template by David 'Digit' Turner · 5 days ago
  12. 905ffef Add retries+timeouts to cros VM sanity test. by Ben Pastene · 6 days ago
  13. a6ff4dc Reland "Check if ARCore is installed or needs update." by Iker Jamardo · 8 days ago
  14. 337782a Remove an unnecessary NDK include path. by Peter Collingbourne · 8 days ago
  15. 7b7898b Android: Add disable_android_lint gn arg. by Eric Stevenson · 9 days ago
  16. 45a8d02 Reland "build: Pass -fcomplete-member-pointers when building with clang." by Peter Collingbourne · 10 days ago
  17. 6a722b1 Disable [[nodiscard]] in STL methods on cl.exe by tzik · 10 days ago
  18. 9dcc648 [Reland] Remove absolute paths from build files by Tom Anderson · 10 days ago
  19. 1ee2c8f Fuchsia: Enable packages in chromecast builds. by Sergey Ulanov · 10 days ago
  20. 36c548a Revert "build: Pass -fcomplete-member-pointers when building with clang." by John Budorick · 10 days ago