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  1. 2895d87 jni_generator: Allow stub GEN_JNI generation from .py instead of annotation processor by Andrew Grieve · 3 days ago main
  2. cb2fab8 iOS: Only enable fixup chains if deployment target is new enough by Nico Weber · 3 days ago
  3. 2a740c2 [clang] Disable -Wshadow for ToT clang by Arthur Eubanks · 4 days ago
  4. af97ee9 [clang] Add -Wno-builtin-macro-redefined to suppress modified ToT clang warnings by Arthur Eubanks · 4 days ago
  5. 8463f4e Reland "JNI: removing fallback path for registration" by Sam Maier · 4 days ago
  6. 0d4d766 iOS: Enable fixup chains by Nico Weber · 4 days ago
  7. 2f9140b Revert "JNI: removing fallback path for registration" by Cammie Smith Barnes · 4 days ago
  8. 412ef85 JNI: removing fallback path for registration by Sam Maier · 4 days ago
  9. 475c561 Reland "[BRP] Enable check_raw_ptr_fields for Windows" by mikt · 4 days ago
  10. 519dc3d [fuchsia][test] Use regular archivist-for-embedding by Miguel Flores Ruiz de Eguino · 5 days ago
  11. b033a47 [rust] Enable more official builds. by Adrian Taylor · 5 days ago
  12. a2e900a add parameter to invoke escalate sanitizer warnings. by Ian Struiksma · 6 days ago
  13. c0e5572 Set the Rust ABI for Windows x86 and iOS simulator correctly by danakj · 6 days ago
  14. d8f5dbe Reland "[rust] Enable on official builds" by Adrian Taylor · 7 days ago
  15. af27c31 siso: remove clang++ symlink config by Fumitoshi Ukai · 7 days ago
  16. c4cc756 Fix Visual Studio visualizers after r1140125. by John Abd-El-Malek · 10 days ago
  17. 43f2bdc Make Rust use -Zsplit-lto-unit when Clang uses -fsplit-lto-unit by danakj · 10 days ago
  18. 9b12e17 siso: add build/third_party/libc++abi/trunk/include:headers by Fumitoshi Ukai · 10 days ago
  19. 055d296 [build] Export new/delete symbols on CrOS by Jordan R Abrahams-Whitehead · 11 days ago
  20. 51f306d Add arm orderfile on chromeos by Denis Nikitin · 11 days ago