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// Copyright 2020 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
#import "ios/testing/earl_grey/earl_grey_test.h"
namespace chrome_test_util {
// Action (XCUI, hence local) to long press a cell item with
// |accessibility_identifier| in |window_number| and drag it to the given |edge|
// of the app screen (can trigger a new window) before dropping it. Returns YES
// on success (finding the item).
BOOL LongPressCellAndDragToEdge(NSString* accessibility_identifier,
GREYContentEdge edge,
int window_number);
// Action (XCUI, hence local) to long press a cell item with
// |src_accessibility_identifier| in |src_window_number| and drag it to the
// given normalized offset of the cell or window with
// |dst_accessibility_identifier| in |dst_window_number| before dropping it. To
// target a window, pass nil as |dst_accessibility_identifier|. Returns YES on
// success (finding both items).
BOOL LongPressCellAndDragToOffsetOf(NSString* src_accessibility_identifier,
int src_window_number,
NSString* dst_accessibility_identifier,
int dst_window_number,
CGVector dst_normalized_offset);
// Action (XCUI, hence local) to resize split windows by dragging the splitter.
// This action requires two windows (|first_window_number| and
// |second_window_number|, in any order) to find where the splitter is located.
// A given |first_window_normalized_screen_size| defines the normalized size
// [0.0 - 1.0] wanted for the |first_window_number|. Returns NO if any window
// is not found or if one of them is a floating window.
// Notes: The size requested
// will be matched by the OS to the closest available multiwindow layout. This
// function works with any device oreintation and with either LTR or RTL
// languages. Example of use:
// [ChromeEarlGrey openNewWindow];
// [ChromeEarlGrey waitForForegroundWindowCount:2];
// chrome_test_util::DragWindowSplitterToSize(0, 1, 0.25);
// Starting with window sizes 438 and 320 pts, this will resize
// them to 320pts and 438 pts respectively.
BOOL DragWindowSplitterToSize(int first_window_number,
int second_window_number,
CGFloat first_window_normalized_screen_size);
// Action (XCUI, hence local) to tap item with |accessibility_identifier| in
// |window_number|. Should only be used in second or third window, until a
// (already requested) fix is made to EarlGrey to allow using grey_tap()
// correctly on extra windows (right now it fails visibility check).
BOOL TapAtOffsetOf(NSString* accessibility_identifier,
int window_number,
CGVector normalized_offset);
// Action (XCUI, hence local) to type text in text field with
// |accessibility_identifier| in |window_number|. Use to replace grey_typeText
// call that are flaky. grey_typeText fails sometime during a layout change of
// the keyboard.
BOOL TypeText(NSString* accessibility_identifier,
int window_number,
NSString* text);
} // namespace chrome_test_util