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  1. 8abfb29 Closure compiler: Move chrome.runtime.lastError to chrome_extensions.js by dpapad · 13 hours ago master
  2. 7ef8852 [Switch Access] Enable keyboard by Anastasia Helfinstein · 22 hours ago
  3. 5ae3dfa externs generator: add more APIs to the generated list by Mike Frysinger · 2 days ago
  4. ba36dd8 tools: use instanceOf property from idl files in jsdocs by Julian Watson · 2 days ago
  5. 3f159bb [Extensions] Remove unreachable code from ExtensionInfoGenerator by Oleg Davydov · 3 days ago
  6. 619cb10 JS compiler: Check-in generated externs for various extensions APIs. by dpapad · 4 days ago
  7. 9641a61 plugin_vm: change error message based on file location by Julian Watson · 5 days ago
  8. ded0316 externs generator: add space before function return by Mike Frysinger · 10 days ago
  9. 5dd3363 file_manager: plugin_vm: remove shared directory logic from front end by Julian Watson · 11 days ago
  10. 86414df [b4p/Settings] Plumb frontend id to JS by Victor Hugo Vianna Silva · 11 days ago
  11. 0cccf4a Network config: Add Metered property to ONC by Steven Bennetts · 11 days ago
  12. 302ba30 Settings Virtual Prefs: Primary Cookie Setting Radio Buttons by sauski · 13 days ago
  13. 8aac767 [Nickname Management][Settings page] Rearrange credit card edit dialog. by Sujie Zhu · 2 weeks ago
  14. aa4e135 externs: generate terminalPrivate automatically by Mike Frysinger · 3 weeks ago
  15. 3c9a2f1 [b4p] Introduce JS APIs for batch deletions of passwords/blacklists by Victor Hugo Vianna Silva · 3 weeks ago
  16. 5aad055 Add tooltip when the parent has disabled permissions for extensions by Toby Huang · 3 weeks ago
  17. d80f06c externs generator: tighten up @const marker by Mike Frysinger · 3 weeks ago
  18. 92ce463 Settings Virtual Prefs: Session Only Cookies Toggle by sauski · 3 weeks ago
  19. d42e525 Reland "Adds focus ring background alpha option for Chrome OS." by Katie D · 3 weeks ago
  20. b498760 Revert "Adds focus ring background alpha option for Chrome OS." by Alexey Baskakov · 3 weeks ago