Chromium OS Embedded Controller software

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  1. cd76cde gsctool: fix Board ID retrieval function by Vadim Bendebury · 15 hours ago master
  2. 77fe675 gsctool: allow multiple source files by Vadim Bendebury · 15 hours ago
  3. ecfb287 stm32: fix AXI memory corruption on STM32H743 by Vincent Palatin · 23 hours ago
  4. 00ac588 pd: retry DR_SWAP after a WAIT by Vincent Palatin · 25 hours ago
  5. 53ca6cf cr50: Allow spihash extension command over USB by Vadim Bendebury · 30 hours ago
  6. 78a407f npcx: Set ESPI_MAXFREQ based on FMCLK value by Furquan Shaikh · 30 hours ago
  7. fac65e6 poppy/soraka: Enable VR decay for runtime and suspend S0ix by Furquan Shaikh · 33 hours ago
  8. 64a4e6b cr50: remove set capabilities from powerbtn by Mary Ruthven · 33 hours ago
  9. f483d46 CBI: Update cbi-util printing format by Daisuke Nojiri · 35 hours ago
  10. d173cf4 Nami: Read board info from EEPROM by raymondchou · 5 days ago
  11. 82fe7e6 meowth_fp: more reliable flashing sequence by Vincent Palatin · 5 days ago
  12. 3aff8da cr50: fix DEBUG_DRIVE comment by Brian Norris · 5 days ago
  13. 971ef1e host_command: Count suppressed host commands individually by Daisuke Nojiri · 5 days ago
  14. 142f511 CBI: Update cbi-util to support variable data offset & size by Daisuke Nojiri · 5 days ago
  15. 5946911 CBI: Make data offset and size variable by Daisuke Nojiri · 5 days ago
  16. f29bf0f meowth_fp: update pins configuration by Vincent Palatin · 5 days ago
  17. 59c68a1 fpsensor: add quality test capture type by Vincent Palatin · 5 days ago
  18. 074acb0 grunt: Add power/battery LED support by Simon Glass · 6 days ago
  19. 925316e grunt: Add pull-up to EC_BATT_PRES_ODL GPIO by Edward Hill · 6 days ago
  20. bdcbd67 lpc: Removing unnecessary register writes by Jett Rink · 6 days ago