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/* Copyright 2013 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
/* Keyboard scanner module for Chrome EC */
#include "common.h"
#include "compile_time_macros.h"
#include "keyboard_config.h"
struct keyboard_scan_config {
/* Delay between setting up output and waiting for it to settle */
uint16_t output_settle_us;
/* Times for debouncing key-down and key-up */
uint16_t debounce_down_us;
uint16_t debounce_up_us;
/* Time between start of scans when in polling mode */
uint16_t scan_period_us;
* Minimum time between end of one scan and start of the next one.
* This ensures keyboard scanning doesn't starve the rest of the system
* if the scan period is set too short, or if other higher-priority
* system activity is starving the keyboard scan task too.
uint16_t min_post_scan_delay_us;
/* Revert to interrupt mode after no keyboard activity for this long */
uint32_t poll_timeout_us;
/* Mask with 1 bits only for keys that actually exist */
uint8_t actual_key_mask[KEYBOARD_COLS_MAX];
* Initializes the module.
void keyboard_scan_init(void);
* Return a pointer to the keyboard scan config.
struct keyboard_scan_config *keyboard_scan_get_config(void);
* Which is probably this.
extern struct keyboard_scan_config keyscan_config;
/* Key held down at keyboard-controlled reset boot time. */
enum boot_key {
/* No keys other than keyboard-controlled reset keys */
* Returns mask of all the keys held down at boot time in addition to the
* keyboard-controlled reset keys. If more than one boot key is held, mask bits
* will be set for each of those keys. Since more than one bit can be set,
* caller needs to ensure that boot keys match as intended.
* Returns BOOT_NONE if no additional key is held or if none of the keys
* specifically checked was pressed, or reset was not caused by a
* keyboard-controlled reset or if any key *other* than boot keys, power, or
* refresh is also pressed.
uint32_t keyboard_scan_get_boot_keys(void);
static inline uint32_t keyboard_scan_get_boot_keys(void)
* Return a pointer to the current debounced keyboard matrix state, which is
* KEYBOARD_COLS_MAX bytes long.
const uint8_t *keyboard_scan_get_state(void);
enum kb_scan_disable_masks {
/* Reasons why keyboard scanning should be disabled */
* Enable/disable keyboard scanning. Scanning will be disabled if any disable
* reason bit is set. Scanning is enabled only if no disable reasons are set.
* @param enable Clear(=1) or set(=0) disable-bits from the mask.
* @param mask Disable reasons from kb_scan_disable_masks
void keyboard_scan_enable(int enable, enum kb_scan_disable_masks mask);
* Clears typematic key
void clear_typematic_key(void);
static inline void keyboard_scan_enable(int enable,
enum kb_scan_disable_masks mask) { }
* Indicate to audio codec that a key has been pressed.
* Boards may supply this function to suppress audio noise.
void keyboard_suppress_noise(void);
* Get the KEYBOARD ID for a keyboard
* @return A value that identifies keyboard variants. Its meaning and
* the number of bits actually used is the supported keyboard layout.
int keyboard_get_keyboard_id(void);
#endif /* __CROS_EC_KEYBOARD_SCAN_H */