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  1. 91a7526 Grit: speed up execution by caching compiled regexp by Takuto Ikuta · 5 weeks ago master
  2. a6e786c Add |create| option to create pak file from directory by Joel Hockey · 2 months ago
  3. 8ac1409 Add agrieve to grit OWNERS by Robert Flack · 3 months ago
  4. 87cf2b5 Grit: Removes --output-all-resource-defines option by Andrew Grieve · 3 months ago
  5. 3832b22 Add a new grit output format that knows whether resources are gzipped by Dan Beam · 4 months ago
  6. 2af9775 Grit: Fix some files being missing from depfile by Andrew Grieve · 4 months ago
  7. 65bb496 Remove obsolete grit code for Google Desktop by Mustafa Emre Acer · 5 months ago
  8. ab54aa2 Remove unused grit files for igoogle by Mustafa Emre Acer · 5 months ago
  9. 44d6d9b Grit: Fixes where translations have multiple same key plurals by Mohamed Heikal · 5 months ago
  10. f3b022d Grit: Move text->numeric ID generation rc_header -> GritNode by Andrew Grieve · 5 months ago
  11. d2fac01 Add size breakdown to //tools/grit/ print by Andrew Grieve · 5 months ago
  12. 54e6fa3 Remove unused grit files by Mustafa Emre Acer · 5 months ago
  13. 1f3a072 Enable gzip compression of WebUI resources on iOS by Reilly Grant · 5 months ago
  14. d05b6bf tools/grit: Cleanup the cmd-line options parser. by David 'Digit' Turner · 5 months ago
  15. 0218638 Grit: make changes in policy templates backwards compatible by Roman Sorokin · 6 months ago
  16. 3753363 tools/grit: Remove obsolete DataPack class. by David 'Digit' Turner · 6 months ago
  17. 72c065e Change group format for 'policy_definitions' in policy_templates.json by Roman Sorokin · 6 months ago
  18. 56fc41d Convert the embeddedSearch/searchBox v8 extension to a gin::Wrappable by Marc Treib · 6 months ago
  19. 5d0eff8 Remove use_ash from resource grd files by James Cook · 7 months ago
  20. 43b23b8 Media Controls: Enable Gzip of CSS resources. by Becca Hughes · 7 months ago