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  1. 1f3a072 Enable gzip compression of WebUI resources on iOS by Reilly Grant · 7 days ago master
  2. d05b6bf tools/grit: Cleanup the cmd-line options parser. by David 'Digit' Turner · 9 days ago
  3. 0218638 Grit: make changes in policy templates backwards compatible by Roman Sorokin · 2 weeks ago
  4. 3753363 tools/grit: Remove obsolete DataPack class. by David 'Digit' Turner · 3 weeks ago
  5. 72c065e Change group format for 'policy_definitions' in policy_templates.json by Roman Sorokin · 4 weeks ago
  6. 56fc41d Convert the embeddedSearch/searchBox v8 extension to a gin::Wrappable by Marc Treib · 5 weeks ago
  7. 5d0eff8 Remove use_ash from resource grd files by James Cook · 7 weeks ago
  8. 43b23b8 Media Controls: Enable Gzip of CSS resources. by Becca Hughes · 7 weeks ago
  9. 5ab0216 Grit: Fix line termination by Peter Wen · 8 weeks ago
  10. 10da9fa Move policy template generation out of grit by Lutz Justen · 9 weeks ago
  11. ae4f526 Grit: Add mapping id to source grd file by Peter Wen · 9 weeks ago
  12. 6692eb5 Settings: Eliminate options code! by Steven Bennetts · 3 months ago
  13. dfe7b7e [Android] Handle ICU plural messages that don't contain spaces. by Bernhard Bauer · 4 months ago
  14. 0d91a86 ui: Add initial set of new default user images. by David Reveman · 4 months ago
  15. e91249d Reland of Add deduplication logic to .pak files by agrieve · 4 months ago
  16. f500e86 Revert of Add deduplication logic to .pak files (patchset #10 id:180001 of ) by achuith · 4 months ago
  17. 44085b1 Add deduplication logic to .pak files by agrieve · 4 months ago
  18. 9a2d477 Delete 'ios' references from policy_templates.json by Daria Yakovleva · 4 months ago
  19. f77e2be Reland of Deduplicate Monochrome locale .paks by zpeng · 4 months ago
  20. 31d2f41 set compute_grit_inputs_for_analyze=True in the analyze step. by Dirk Pranke · 4 months ago