Update ICU to 63.1 + Chromium patches

What's new in ICU 63.1:
  - CLDR 34 locale data
  - Curreny/Number range format
  - Better/more support for field iterator in formatters - necessary
    for v8's Ecma 402 implementation
  - Better/safer locale APIs
  - See http://site.icu-project.org/download/62 for more details.

The update steps are recorded :

* Update update.sh to point to ICU's new repo location

* Import the pristine copy of ICU 63.1 and update BUILD
  files with update.sh

* Update and apply locale data patches
  - locale_google.patch
  - locale1.patch

* Adjust/apply/update brkiter related patches
  - In place of line_normal_fi.txt, add back
    line_loose.txt (Finnish tailoring is absorbed into
  - data/brkitr/* are adjusted accordingly
  - android/brkitr.patch and flutter/brkitr.patch
    are updated
  - Use 'normal-cj' for line-breaking in zh/ja locales by
  - Apply cjdict.patch and khmerdict.patch

* Apply build-related patches

* Delete obsolete patches and apply still relevant patches

* Fix a Windows compilation issue with clang

* Drop pluralrange.res from flutter's data

* Update the timezone data update script and update the
  timezone data to 2018f

* Add VES (new Venezuelan currency) to and drop VEF
   - {scripts/android}/currencies.list

* ICU data files are rebuilt (up to 22kB increase)

   ICU 62      ICU 63   Platform
   6364832     6375056  android
   4907488     4916608  cast
  10246512    10268240  common
    884352      880512  flutter
   6351136     6361376  ios

Bug: 893196, v8:8272
Change-Id: Icac23f6c065f38a9b1b4ae397fbe0e6b62934f15
Reviewed-on: https://chromium-review.googlesource.com/c/1296893
Reviewed-by: Jungshik Shin <jshin@chromium.org>
1532 files changed